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  1. when you set acne.org as your homepage
  2. hey :)

    thanks for the nice mesg you left on my picture..


    1. Hey, it's my pleasure :)

      I'm new here too! Sooo...been to the chatrooms yet?

      1. I'm new up here.

        so, thanks for taking my comment's virginity :)

        1. Comment virginity!

          1. Aleixo

            Dreams and Accutane

            well, I guess too many people can't be wrong, accutane must be in fact related to the dreams people are having. I myself, am on my 5th day on the drug, this is my first course, and since the 2nd day I've had very vivid weird dreams. they didn't make any sense at all, but I can remember them pretty well, it's like I really passed by in the real life what I did in the dream. ohboy, odd stuff
          2. Aleixo


            well, I am still at the beggining of a low dose course, today I took my 4th pill. No side effects yet, but i think that's normal, cause I'm still on my 4th day, and it's such a small dose. Yet, some new pimples have developed since I started it, on my forehead (that's the place where most of my acne is) and one pimple on my cheek (I get one on my cheeks like every month) so, I don't know if it is possible to consider that as an IB.. maybe it would have happened anyways.
          3. Aleixo