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  1. So I've had this cyst on my chest for 2 years now. I'm recently getting a new one appear next to it D: My docots are being completely useless, apparently I have to get refered for them to remove it and I've been waiting a year! and I go back every few months or so and they just send me away and tell me it'll be soon. I'm going to Greece soon and I want to wear a swimming costume without hiding my chest, have you guys come across any home remedies / methods? my chest: http://i1177.photobucket.
  2. It took me ages to get in and see a derm, so i could get on accutane or roactuuane in the Uk also. The way i got in, was go see you GP and just explain to him/her how you have tried everything, if there not sounding keen on referring you to see a derm tell them that your acne hurts your face, This did the trick for me. then once you see a derm you'll have to wait for a bloodtest then your in and be seeing them every month good luck x
  3. thanks hun :)

    how are you? x

    1. pictures off me, as i live my life with acne and accutune
    2. From the album: me, my acne and accutune

      everybody ask your derm for accutane its worth all the ups and downs
    3. thanks peoples and urmm.. i have been on it for about 6months now still got the spots and my skin can get very dry .. but its all worth it
    4. i have this foundation and i never use it it made all my redness even more RED! gah! i hates it.. :/
    5. awh thank's but i'm not tehe :] same with you, i can't belive you don't get compliments! .. i read your 'ugly duckling post' and i know the feeling.. boys are stupid! GR :L how are you?

      1. hey, sorry it took me flipping forever to reply, but thanks SO much, i never got compliments.. and this made me smile! and you are beautiful in your picture :] x

        1. hey! erhh.. Thanks for leaving me a message, Just doing the kind, thing of replying and saying thanks D.. how are you ? *smiles*

          1. wowe! i'm on week 10ish i shope my skinc an look liek yours this picture made me happy thanks for sharing and CONGRATS!
          2. My derm thinks its hormonal as i get older... :/ sucks!
          3. good luck chica! 4 days xD then your gunna be kicken acnes butt :]
          4. oh god this is sooo hard, i went out once without my foundation and i felt like a walking freakshow! i am a SLAVE to foundation, i'm constantly buying new bottles thinking this one would work better god knows how much money i waste.. good luck! xx
          5. hey, just tought i'd say i love all time low

            good luck with your acne

            and what foundation do you use, i'm looking for a new one?

            :) xx

            1. i got this huge cyst, who i named Fred ( i hate you fred).. naming him keeps me calm in about october, and now FINALLY its starting to go..but i just can't seem to get rid of the nasty purpley mark its left. does this mean theres still gunk trapped underneath? BUT.. now i'm getting a new cyst excatly same place but on the right cheek GRR! do you have any tips so, i can stop it in its tracks i tried pure tea tree oil, but it stung like a bitch! so i stopped idea's? =D thankyou x
            2. hey thanks for your comment on my photo... i was wondering what foundation/make-up you use while on acctune with dry skin? good luck with your skin x

              1. your skin kind of looks like mine at the moment, but i have some old cyst marks which are freaking purple! i'm on month 3 on 50mg good luck hon! x