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  1. So I've had this cyst on my chest for 2 years now. I'm recently getting a new one appear next to it D: My docots are being completely useless, apparently I have to get refered for them to remove it and I've been waiting a year! and I go back every few months or so and they just send me away and tell me it'll be soon. I'm going to Greece soon and I want to wear a swimming costume without hiding my chest, have you guys come across any home remedies / methods? my chest: http://i1177.photobucket.
  2. It took me ages to get in and see a derm, so i could get on accutane or roactuuane in the Uk also. The way i got in, was go see you GP and just explain to him/her how you have tried everything, if there not sounding keen on referring you to see a derm tell them that your acne hurts your face, This did the trick for me. then once you see a derm you'll have to wait for a bloodtest then your in and be seeing them every month good luck x
  3. thanks hun :)

    how are you? x

  4. pictures off me, as i live my life with acne and accutune
  5. Your hair looks sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. How are you girl? messgae me!

  7. i have this foundation and i never use it it made all my redness even more RED! gah! i hates it.. :/
  8. I concur, boys are stupid. Ya the ugly duckling story has happened to me so many times, its just like really, at this point. But ya I'm doing okay, crazy busy with working, I was even called a mule from my manager. lol What about you? btw your new pictures are awesome, I want to get bangs cut like that.

  9. Ur new pics are great~ accutane has definitly helped!

  10. Im going to kick my hot neighbors ass. And i dont care if the whole world knows! muah haha

  11. boys suck. period.