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  1. Thank you for understanding. I have some slash shaped scars on my left cheek from being attacked by a dog when I was little. They're shallow, but one is pretty long, like a few inches. I have some shallow ice pick scars as well. And another slash scar on my forehead that's very shallow but also about a couple of inches long. Then I have a scar inbetween my eyes I wouldn't even know how to describe that I got from a skateboarding accident. It isn't as noticeable as everything else but I still wan
  2. Dermarollers are big. If i'm using a dermaroller i'm doing more of my skin than just the scarred area. I don't want to do the unscarred skin. I want to target only the scarred skin.
  3. All of my scars are pretty shallow, and fairly small. And I don't have that many. But I really want to try and improve them desperately. I don't want to use a dermaroller simply because I don't see how I could be precise using one of those. I don't want to be needling large areas of my face since I have more non-scarred skin than I do scarred skin. So I was wondering, how do I go about finding someone that performs needling? I already asked this one woman who knows pretty much every tattoo arti
  4. So it was such a hassle getting my first prescription filled. I eventually got it though, and today I took my 13th pill. So far I really haven't had any side effects. No dry skin, no dry lips, nothing I experienced last time. The only thing i've really noticed is my skin looks like it has this weird texture sometimes. But what i'm grateful for is I haven't experienced an IB. My skin has only been getting more and more clear. I have no zits at all right now, only some blackheads if you look real
  5. I will continue to update. I couldn't get my prescription today because the pharmacy wouldn't give it to me. They said "The prescription doesn't specify what amount of pills we are supposed to give you, so we can't give it to you". So hopefully they get a hold of my derm tomorrow and I can pick it up then. I really don't know how long I expect to be on it, because I don't know if my symptoms last time will reappear. If they do, i'll have to stop. But I am hoping they won't, and in that case, i'
  6. Before the course I had mild-moderate acne, that was incredibly persistent and hard to treat. Now I have mild acne. It's easier to treat, my zits go away much faster, but they are constantly appearing and nothing I use has been able to prevent them. Thank you very much. Good luck on your course as well.
  7. Hi everyone. I already did a round of accutane in the past. My former username on this website was kanmi, but for some reason I couldn't log back into my account so I made this new one. My first course of accutane .. well it didn't go so well. It cleared me up perfectly. I had never had such clear skin maybe since I was 9 years old. But it gave me a lot of other side effects, ones that i'd never heard anyone else really complain of. I didn't start experiencing these side effects until my 6th m
  8. Good luck. I'll also be on 10 mgs if you want to check out my log.
  9. I use Merle Norman Luxiva powder foundation. It's not cheap. But it works wonderfully, and doesn't cause breakouts.
  10. Because the dumbass ER doctor told me to. And I had no idea what to do. I still don't know what to do, and I still feel like there is no hope this will ever go away so i've just learned to deal with it.
  11. So I guess I came in late to this thread and it's very long so I was wondering if I could get a summary? And here is my story in case you are curious: I remember my face getting really red before. When I would go outside in the heat in the summer my face would turn bright red, like a lobster. But I never would blush or flush any other time but that. So I took accutane, 40 mgs for 3 months, then 80 mgs for 2 1/2 months. I stopped halfway into my last month because I started blushing and flushin
  12. It only appeared in my very last month of accutane. Up until that point nothing happened.
  13. My face never flushed until I took accutane. Now it still flushes two years after i've been off the medicine. It's not as bad as it used to be. Finacea helps my face to not turn so red. This should probably be moved to the facial redness board, you might get more answers there. If you complain about flushing to a doctor, chances are if he gives you a prescription at all, it's going to be a non-selective beta blocker. They didn't work for me, but they may work for you. Good luck. Also, you might
  14. You will always be able to see the bumps.
  15. I'm going to be taking accutane without insurance. I have a Carenow healthy savings card so i'll be going there to get my bloodwork and pregnancy tests done, i've bought my birth control online, and I found the cheapest prescription for 10 mg accutane at wal-mart for $120 a month. It's going to be hard, but this is my only choice.