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  1. So far I have been on it for since March 4th, so that would be 4 days. So far my skin looks pretty good, about a day after I broke out with 2 big pimples under my chin and within two days they were gone and u can even see them and the scars are almost gone too!! And I have one pimple on the side of my head and its going down everyday! Its getting smaller and smaller and hopefully it will be gone soon. I still have these little white bumps under my chin and around my mouth, but in the right light
  2. Ok i went to the dermatologist today and he prescribed to me: Differen cream, Duac Gel (for spot treament) and Doxycycline. Ummm.......will my acne get worse if I get off the Doxycycline 3 to 4 months from now? Cause i'm really scared and i don't want me mild, mild acne to get worse!! Please help, tell me all the success stories you people had with these prodcuts, it will make me feel better!!
  3. Tell me your story about how bad your acne was and what the dermatoligst perscribed for you that made you clear! THANKS1
  4. Ok I don't know whats going on, I keep getting pimples! I have been on the regimen since the end of December! But I do think it is helping a little bit. I stoped using it for a day and I got four new pimples on my fourhead which seemed to form overnight when I stopped doing the regimen. But my skin felt so good cause it wasn't as dry and stuff. But I guess I don't want pimples so I kept on doing the regimen. I don't have severe acne or anything not even moderate, maybe a mild, mild case. But I g
  5. so far i've gone a 2 days and a night without using the BP and my skin looks pretty good, i don't really have any new pimples, (knock on wood), i do have a tendancy to overreact a bit I also have been drinking tons of water, taking a mult-vitamin and zinc, and eating all healthy food, which means no sweet, chips or anyshit like that. except for the half cookie i had , but thats pretty good. i've been eating broccoli, apples, bananas, peaches, celery, lettuce, tuna, all the good stuff. i feel
  6. Ok I don't think this is working! I've been doing this thing for more then a month. And its not preventing new pimples that good. And I'm sick of going to bed with a dry face and having to put the really drying BP on my face everymorning. Its just so uncomfortable! And the thing is I don't think I really have 'acne' or maybe I just have a mild case or something. Cause I mean I do get pimples and everything but they are spread out and they are alone and stuff. Like I get one on my cheek and maybe
  7. Ok if you know that post about Dermulux? Well that lamp sounds great! Here is that website again: http://www.dermalux.co.uk/. I really interested in it. Do you think I should buy it or no? If you tried it please say if it was worth it!
  8. I don't think I have a skin disease or anything like that. The whitebumps are like clogged pores or something, they just don't have a white head and they aren't red or anything. But like if I squeeze them puss comes out just like if you squeezed a pimple so ya. And sometimes I do get whiteheads there, so ya they are just like pimples that haven't quite formed yet, if that makes anysense.
  9. Can BP be dangerous to your skin? Like I heard about they can actually make you age faster because its basically putting free radicals on your skin? What do you think? I know hygdroen perxoide is dangerous so whats the deal.
  10. Ok I don't really have acne, or maybe I just have a real mild case or something, but I usually have like 3 to 5 pimples on my face at any given time. Somtimes more and sometime less. But I'm ususally never completely clear. I also have these little white bumps under my mouth and there are like a million of them! So anyways I started using this regemen and I started using almost a month ago and there is like no improvment and I don't know what to do! Its not really working. Its not preventing new
  11. Hey I'm 15 and I have pimples, I don't think I have acne (knock on wood) But anyways I get pimples now and then like I usually have a couple and stuff and on my worst days I have like 10. So ya anyways right now I'm almost clear, I've been on Dan's Regimen for a couple weeks and I noticed its not keeping me clear at all. I still get pimples. Like i can feel a bumb and a couple days later its a whitehead, but I leave it alone and keep on appling the BP and like 5 or 8 days later its gone, but sti
  12. FINALLY TECHNOLOGY HAS DONE SOMETHING TO COMBAT ACNE! I'm sure you guys must of heard of this on TV or in a magazine. I've must of seen it have a dosen times. I guess its called ClearLight or BlueLight. LOOKS PRETTY GOOD TO ME! I guess it kills bacteria with a blue laser light. (Acutally it might not even be a laser) Except its not a therma laser, which is hot. So it's cool to the touch. The treatments are like 15-20 mins long for 4 or 5 times a week. But its expensive like 180 to 600 dollars. E
  13. Of course everyone knows that almost 80% of people get acne when they go through puberty. And my question is how long does someone go through puberty? Till like your 18 or 19 or something? I just want to know cause I hope thats the reason why I have this pimple problem!
  14. Hey everyone! Ok here is my question. I have like pretty good skin and stuff. I get pimples now and then. Like I usually always have 1 someplace but anyways I get like breakouts and they ruin my face. I get like 10 over night! And its so depressing. I know you people are thinking o thats not that bad, but for a person who doesn't have that many pimples do suddenly get 10 it totally sucks. And i'm going to go see the dermatologist soon and I want to get like antiboitics. Do you think they would
  15. I am using Mary Kay's BP 5%, do you think I should switch to Neutrogena 2.5%??? Please let me know, cause i'm really confused?!