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  1. i asked my doctor about it and she had never heard of it, is it something that is not available in the uk? Mike
  2. at the moment i am currently starting week 2 on Azelex and have seen moderate successes (thats being very generous). i have mild acne but i have quite serious ocd and depression so it of course is tens times worse in my head. i am praying that Azlex will work and am willing to give it a months chance but every ounce of me wants to just go on accutain and sort this out. if i was to choose this option eventually what could i expect to change as far as my mood is concerned? i am curently on 40mg
  3. the only ones i can find are only 7mg per capsule, u guys in the states seem to be able to get the 30mg variety. can anyone help me track down the higher doses here in the uk? Many thanks Mike