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  1. Hi,after having acne for over seven years,I went to my GP with a bag of my old acne products in hand (LOTS-proactiv,differin,retin-a,tazorac,clindamycin,minocycline,salicylic acid,doxy, metrogel,neostrata,etc,etc) I laid it out there for her and said these things only worked for a short time,if at all,and that there HAD to be something else going on with me. I told her I believed it was homonal issues and that I had heard of people having success with Spironolactone. I told her I desperate,
  2. I went up two full bra sizes and my butt is pretty big. Over two years I gained 30 pounds on Spiro... yes,you read right,30 pounds! And I was also quite thin.exercising a lot,and eating very little. I also have Hypothyroidism though,so hopefully everyone will not experience the kind of weight gain I have. I had to come off the Spiro because even with synthetic thyroid hormone,the pounds were not budging at all. I'm a little depressed because for me it seems to be either thin with acne,or overwe
  3. Vitamin D and the benzoyl peroxide are probably the two things doing the most good for you. Most people are deficient in vitamin D which is crucial for our skin,so supplementing is almost a nessacity. It thins out sebum and makes it less sticky and less likely to clog pores. Benzoyl peroxide kills surface bacteria. Glad you have found something that is working for you
  4. Hi guys,I haven't been on here in a long time,but I wanted to share some info with you all that may possibly help. So,I'm in my thirties and had dealt with acne since my twenties. Now I also have a teen daughter who is getting acne too. I took her to get a physical and found out she had super low range levels of vitamin D. She never goes out in the sun much and hates milk,so it made sense. We started supplementing with 1000IU a day,and her acne cleared up quite nicely without doing anything el
  5. Hi,I was on Spiro and cut down from 100mg to 50mg and noticed no real difference with acne at all. My face seemed a little tiny bit oiler,but I still stayed clear. You may have a momentary flare,but that is just your body adjusting to the change. Mine was nothing to really panic over just a few small ones that quickly went away.
  6. It's been a long time since I logged onto this acne site... I have been on spiro the last 2 years,so I didn't need to because my face was 100% clear! Unfortunately,I'm coming off it right now because I have experienced significant weight gain on it. The weight is how others describe it...mostly lower body,but also bloated stomach. My breasts also went up two full cup sizes on this drug! I was a modest B cup and am now a voluptious D! You'd think I'd be happy about that,and maybe I would if I di
  7. I agree with Lyssa! Dont let it spoil your fun.I mean,do you really see that many PERFECT people at the beach??? Because I certainly dont.I see people with all kinds of flaws! They dont seem bothered by theirs,so you shouldnt let your Backne keep you in either. The salt water and the sun may even help your acne!
  8. I dont know about the prednisone...they can cause PERIORAL dermatitis.A condition which mimics acne in the form of red bumps around the nose and mouth. I guess being on it only 7 days may not hurt though.Plus hopefully the Bactrim will cancel it out.
  9. All I can say is be thankful for the other nice qualities you listed... Nice hair,PERFECT BODY,pretty face...if you have all of those things most people will not notice a pimple or two. I'm 32 and started with my adult acne ( at least to the point where it got bad) at age 27. Except I dont have a PERFECT body.I have stretch marks from pregnancy 11 years ago, and I've never had nice hair (I dye it too much,my own fault). Yeah my face is pretty but it could be better. So when I got acne it was l
  10. My acne was pretty bad when I was drinking regular milk everyday. Since I have been drinking organic fat free (the last 4 months) I have had no new breakouts really. I occasionally treat myself to ice cream or cheese but not often and I do think for me it makes a difference. A recent article I read said that most of the hormones from cow is stored in the fat. So if you opt for lean beef or non fat milk you should be ok.
  11. I have had it for years even before I ever got acne... I have been to therapy several times and it never helped to be honest. One reason I have it is that people constantly stare at me.And I dont mean a glance and then look away.I mean full on total staring.My daughter has even pointed it out to me. The only thing that has helped me at all with it (besides Xanax) is for me to just completely ignore people when I go out. I dont look at their faces,I dont try to interact,I just pretend they don
  12. I think it's an interesting theory. I also think it COULD be true.The human mouth is a disgusting place.It harbors all kinds of bacteria and germs. I have heard that GUM DISEASE can even cause a heart attack because the bacteria gets into your bloodstream and goes to your heart. (This was an article I read while sitting in the dentist office!) If it can effect your heart,why not your face too???
  13. When I had clear skin I used spray tan all the time or use at home sunless tanners and they never broke me out. Since I've been getting acne on my face I have avoided using them on my face. My opinion though,is that they are not all the same. I think most of the sprays are probably fine,but the heavy lotions or "bronzers" could possibly clog pores.
  14. haha,you couldnt be more right Save lives...you guys are so lucky not to have to deal with estrogen!
  15. Dont beat yourself up.Acne at any age is terrible,but by the time we are in our thirties,we feel as though we should be past all this acne crap by now.It is almost MORE embarrassing to be this old and have acne,because we are grown ups and expected to "have it all together". On the other hand,we arent as emotional as teens (speak for yourself,LOL) and more used to the hurdles life throws at us,so maybe we should be able to deal with it better...Sometimes knowing that doesnt make it any easier