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  1. It's probably something in her diet. please keep us updated when you find out what causes it
  2. It was moderate. But there was hardly ever a time where I didn't have like 3 or 4 big pimples. Seemed like every time one would heal, another would come up. I do wanna add something else that I feel has been very important to my regimen though. Try to shower only once a day. Maybe skip a day too. I used to shower 2-3 times a day! and I was reading about how that takes away your natural moisturizers (Specially with hot water) So shower once... make it short...and use tepid water. THIS ALSO MEA
  3. probably a month and a half and i started seeing results.
  4. yeah I didn't think about it but i had very oily skin and now I don't have excessively oily skin. But I think that may have to do with me not using moisturizers anymore.
  5. has ANYONE else tried this? I seriously have not gotten anything since i started this! Why is nobody else attempting this?!
  6. yeap. Pills...that's what they gave me when I went... I would recommend going to an aesthetician (You know...those peps that do facials) They usually have a lady who specializes on peps with pimples and in my experience they know and can do more for your skin than a dermatologist. They'll clean your face from dead skin cells and they'll be able to pop some pimples for you (PROFESSIONALLY) They apply heat so they will come out easier and I don't know the terminology but they have so many tools at
  7. ^honestly too scared to try it now. Maybe i'll do it in like 6 months cause I just don't want this stuff to come back! Besides I"m still healing from scars so .. maybe once i'm 100% free of red marks and stuff then I'll try drinking water with my meals and see if they come back
  8. Awesome (Little Hard Head) please report back with your results cause I don't wanna be recommending something to people if it doesn't really work for everyone but... I feel like.. this may have cured me. (also I don't use any creams or anything to wash my face....) Just water. Oh and 15 seconds of cold water right before getting out of shower to close pores... (i dunno... I do this and i am not getting pimples anymore so I'm just letting u guys know EVERY little thing i do
  9. Yeah I do think Milk had something to do with it but I had given up milk back in May and although my acne cleared up a little, i would still get some acne. Now with this no liquid diet with meals I have NOTHING.
  10. how long did you try it for and how long were u waiting for in between meals? Did you also take milk, peanuts and fruits while on this diet? At first I was waiting 3 hours between water and food... maybe try that. It just became hard waiting that long to eat or drink water so i made it 2
  11. AH YES THANKS FOR REMINDING ME ABOUT THATt! and i'm sooo sorry I hadn't mentioned this before but I ALSO do not eat fruits (yet) I talked to a girl once that told me that the doctors told her that her body had a reaction to glucose and that is what may have been contributing to her acne. So she stopped eating fruits and she says it helped. So I did too. @BURGUNDYFUNK - It may be because they are so rich in water! (but to be honest I just haven't reintroduced them into my diet) One thin
  12. yeah there was a time when I was avoiding both carbs and gluten. my diet consisted of like rice and chicken..and vegetables ....and it did help but I lost soo much weight. And now that I think about it, maybe the reason that although in that time I was drinking water with my meals, maybe the rice i was eating was absorbing the water (cause rice has that property) gwhich is why maybe the water wasn't affecting my acne as much. But that diet was horrible and it was hard. I have since introduced
  13. Yeah I do eat almonds =) Just not peanuts..it's the only one I avoid. I think I ate a whole snickers one time and I broke out so... I'm thinking it was less the chocolate and more the peanuts.
  14. "How about this as a basic guideline: Eat a basic healthy food diet - no extremems needed Avoid Dairy and peanuts. Drink a decent amount of water 2 hours after or before food intake" That's an EXCELLENT SUMMARY. I would add that when you eat you don't drink any liquid. (In my diet that also means avoiding soups... or if i do eat a soup I eat it with a fork so as to not consume the liquid) I'm gonna say it took like 2 weeks cause I was clearing up from what I had...but after that I stopped
  15. Alright so I've been waiting like 3 months before posting this thread because of fear that it might stop working or something but I have recently tried something that has made my acne go away and i'm pretty confident that this is what has cured me So before I begin let me tell you that I had been struggling with acne for about... 7 years. In those years i've tried EVERYTHING from not eating certain foods, to starving myself, to creams, to taking vitamins and supplements. Almost everything.