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  1. What happened ? There aren't any new posts from you I'm guessing you probably got really nice skin now could that be the reason for no new post keep us updated!!!
  2. Hey I was just looking at your progress your doing really good I'm on day 14 on Claravis 40mg. I still peel around the nose area and have dry lips. Do you still breakout? I don't anymore or will I breakout later? Well I'll continue to see your progress even though I'm not that far from you. Or should I say who clears up faster right? HAHA
  3. I'm a 26yr male that is left with a bruise looking scar from an ugly Huge Cyst pimple that came out on my cheekbone right under my right eye. It got soooo huge it hurt like [email protected]#k but I never messed with it. It took about 2 weeks for it to go down, in swelling, and in size. To give you an example, it got to the size of Nickel in diameter. Thank God it finally went down ,but now almost 1 month later. I can still see a bruise where it was originally. I really don't understand why this happend. I n
  4. Damn I'm amazed by your results so far its incredible. I was prescribed accutane on 5-7-09 my bloodwork came back good was told it was a go for Accutane but I wimped out cuz of the side effects, and I did a little research about permanent side effects after tane like permanent hair loss muscle and joint pain and permanent dryness no way no thanks. But after seeing your log its given me hope to actually think it over and giving it a try also. That iPLEDGE book really has some serious shit in it
  5. I'm a male 26 and after going through many creams lotions antibiotics Dorxy, Doxycycline, Minocyline, duac, tazorac, ziana, benzaclin washes benzoly peroxide, sodium sulfacet. Through the course since Sept.05 damnnnnnn !!!! I know wow what a long time .. But anyways the point is I'm finally going to actually get clear for good. But I would like to know what others have gone through the worst part of Accutane tips of resolving these issues . My acne has always been mild but any kind of acne is
  6. I've been doing laser hair removal treatments on my legs back chest and abs since October 08 but now my dermatologist just introduced Accutane well Claravis the generic and I know that while on this medication one shouldn't tan or do these kinds of procedures. Yes I am happy that I'll finally start it but how long should I wait till I go back to the laser hair removal treatments? I'm still not finished with my treatments ............. it sucks I have patchy hair here in there but how long do I h
  7. comment virginity!

  8. I eat almonds best fucking nutz ive eaten. High in vitamin E natural antioxidant good for skin nails and hair. Plus they taste really good best snack next to my baby carrots which are also good for the skin plus my eyesight . Nothing beats dry roasted salted almonds. Yes thats right my Salty Nuts are gooD. hope it helps Good Luck
  9. I was on doxycycline about 6 months back in 2006 june-dec cleared up great my dosage was just lowered then my dermatologist told me to stop taking it. I was wowed how long I stayed cleared up till early 2008 when it stared to come back I felt shitty during that time i was just using a face wash didnt really have a problem till early 08 when i went back was put on dorxy which is good for those who dont want that upset throw up feeling jajajaja worked but became quickly immune to it. So i went b
  10. I did use a moisturizer vasaline for men that works great but using tazorac made me more oily dont know why it works by removing blackheads but kept my pores open most of the time guess that is why i was oily sensitive to the sun yes burned faster so put sunblock or stay away from the sun
  11. [color="#FF00FF]I've heard of so many different oils being used for the face region tea tree oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and others bu t which one works the best without drying out the skin or making an oily face even oilier than it already is? I dont want to clog my pores up but want to close them up make them less noticeable especially removing blackheads around the nose my biggest problem. I want to use something that is natural enough that I want flare up like I've been laying in the sun al
  12. [ :Comic Sans MS]dance: I tried it N it sucked badly headache was aweful stiff neck not good especially for someone that is around alot of people . Side effects are just really bad. im on doxcycline which is better for me ..
  13. [font="Comic Sans MS] Im trying to do the same thing but are you taking any antibiotics? you have to also start from the inside . I take doxycycline 100 mg twice a day yes i also avoid fast food I usually eat almonds they work for me high in Vitamin E also vitamin C is great for acne. Wash my face with cetaphil does not leave your skin fucking irritating n all that shit right so. Im clearing up quite nice a little sunshine helps too maybe 15 to 30minutes of outdoors ... I also stop worrying so m
  14. [[size="3]nice to hear that you were key word clear for 5 years but really can it really clear someone up for good how long does that process usually take???? I keep seeing people posting day 56 day 87 day ?? how long does it take ?? I dont have severe acne but I heard It can be risky accutane that is what are the complications to it ? So I can ask my dermatologist if I can go on it also is it covered by most insurances? I know so many questions but it would be very helpful since you been the
  15. [color="#008080]I didnt see any improvement using duac and believe me I tried it for about a 1 year had to stop it . Hated the extreme dryness and tightning of the skin peeling was the worst having to work around people and peeling not good. I also used Ziana worked better but still redness and peeling still there . Im just using a blemish treatment lotion i bought online luckyvitamin.com from home health works great non peeling has a anti inflammatory ingredient use it at night redness or ble