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  1. Thanks Wynne! Actually my doctor said that one cross treatment is enough for me, but it is not. I don´t know, when I will have my next cross treatment.Here in Finland they are not doing cross treatments in summer.In autumn I will start working again and I will not have any vacations in wintertime. I have at home tca 30%, which I ordered from ebay.I used it once for my forehead to get rid of my fine lines, but it didn`t work..So is it possible to put this acid only for my scars?
  2. This was my first cross treatment, but I will go again.I live in Finland and there is only one doctor who does these cross treatments. Am I happy with results?Well,my boxscars which are quite superficial are now hardly noticable, but these rolling scars, which are quite deep are still there, but not as deep as before.I think I will need even 2 cross treatments.I am happy with results, because I know it is impossible to get rif of these scars immediately.It takes time and patience. Anyone who hav
  3. and this pic has been taken today under very bright light.My scarring has been always looked bad under bright light. I think there has been much improvment with my boxcars, which aren´t very noticable and you can hardly see them in camera.I have also rolling scar, which are deeper and there has been also some improvment.
  4. This pic has been taken today in the same lightning as before pics.
  5. I don`t know what to do now, because the after pic is too big to upload
  6. and one pic more before tratment. ennen_kuorintaa.bmp ennen_kuorintaa.bmp
  7. I was in tca cross treatment 4.4 and here you can see my pics.This pic has been taken last summer.