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  1. i have just started using differen and i need some advice. i use bp too and i dont know in which order to use them. i only use the differen at night but i use the bp mornng and night. but at night, should i use the bp first then put on the differen after it dries? or what shuld i do? any advice out there? i am desperate to get rid of my acne its horibble and im 25 yrs old!
  2. i've used the skin lightening lotion from proactive and i love it. it has faded old acne scars that i had from years ago. i used to have a lil rosacea on my cheeks next to my nose and it cleared that up too. my skin is beatiful and clear. i used it every moring and night. it doesnt smell very well but it has sulfur in it and thats the key ingredient to fading those ugly red marks.