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  1. I'm sorry that you're having a terrible time of it. I think a lot of us can relate to a certain degree. I'm sorry that your sister didn't understand. Some people just don't understand how acne can really tear you down. I'm sure you've seen around here, though, that a LOT of people get really depressed about it - not that it is a comfort to see so many people hurting, but at least it helps you see that you are not alone in how you are feeling.
  2. Thanks for coming back to give some encouragement. I hope I can come back and give a similar post in a year's time.
  3. Honey I wish I knew the answer. My skin was ALWAYS soooooo oily and one day I finally called my Derm and he informed him about this. He told me to try CeraVe and to be honest it really did reduce my oily skin to about 99% less oil. Which CeraVe do you use on your face, the cream or the lotion? Lotion. The cream is too heavy for the face. Thank you! I figured that was the case. I might have to give this a try. I've been meaning to try CeraVe as a gentle moisturizer anyway, and now
  4. Honey I wish I knew the answer. My skin was ALWAYS soooooo oily and one day I finally called my Derm and he informed him about this. He told me to try CeraVe and to be honest it really did reduce my oily skin to about 99% less oil. Which CeraVe do you use on your face, the cream or the lotion?
  5. Personally, I'd schedule an appointment with a dermatologist now. If the GP is running out of ideas just by trying one or two different ABs then you really need to see someone who knows what they're doing! There are so many other options out there...
  6. I agree with the previous posters - no washing more than twice a day! I know it's hard - my face is an oil slick within 2 hours of washing, too, and it gets SO uncomfortable. Oil blotting sheets are OK. I don't love them all that much because I still feel oily and gross right after using them, but it is what it is.
  7. I agree with both of the previous posters. I say stick with Dan's regimen for at least another couple of months, especially since other people are already noticing improvement after only 23 days into it. If after those couple of months you're not happy with your progress, then maybe give the Clearogen regimen a shot. I understand the confusion and the temptation to switch. I am struggling with that myself right now. It is so, so hard to be patient. You've gotten such a good start into your
  8. I'm another Murad hater. I'm convinced that all of those glowing reviews on their website are written by employees. I mean, ALL of their products have something like a 5-star rating from 95% of the reviewers. It's such crap! Murad made my skin worse, too. I'm still trying to repair some damage from it.
  9. I think it's pretty common to have irritation from a BP wash in the beginning, especially if you're also using Retin-A. I started using a BP wash on my chest a couple of months ago, and it was pretty rough going in the beginning - red, itchy, dry. After a couple of weeks, though, it was fine. It doesn't bother me at all when I use it daily now. I think your skin just has to build up a resistance to it. Maybe try doing it once a day every other day, and then working up to once a day, to
  10. I have trouble with all of those, too. I'm currently using a prescription sodium sulfacetamide topical that is terrific. It does not irritate my very sensitive skin at all. One big drawback: it is an antibiotic so you likely will eventually develop a resistance to it, BUT it might help you to get clear and rebalance your skin to the point where you can introduce smaller quantities of BP, SA, etc., for maintenance down the road. That's my current game plan. Good luck!
  11. Has anyone taken spiro without having "classic" hormonal acne symptoms like acne concentrated around the mouth/jaw/chin, or flareups during PMS, etc. and had successful clearing? I ask because my acne does not seem concentrated to any particular area (I have mild acne all over my face and chest), nor does it seem to coincide with my period in any significant way. I've gone through two rounds of accutane, though, and 8 years after the first round and 3 years after the second round, my acne ha
  12. Yep, stinks. I'm trying to get to that point where I accept it and move on, but I haven't made it there yet...
  13. The real trouble started for me around 20. I'm now 36. I went through two rounds of accutane several years apart, so I've been mostly clear during those 16 years. It started coming back last summer, though, and here we are again. Not as severe this time so far, but the fact that it has come back at all is so depressing. I had no idea 16 years ago that I would be dealing with this off and on for so much of my adult life!! I'm miserable, too. Sigh.
  14. This is the first I've heard of this new topical. Sounds promising! Especially like that it seems to kick in quicker than a lot of the other options out there. For those that have used it, did you have an IB like with topical retinoids?
  15. I do not regret for one minute going on the two rounds of accutane I did. My acne was really severe - it was the right treatment for me. Unfortunately I do/did have some long term effects from it. First of all, my acne keeps coming back. The first round was successful for 8 years, the second for 3. So it wasn't a cure for me. Second, after my second round, I had some pretty significant hair thinning that didn't kick in until the very end and after treatment. My hair has eventually fille