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  1. I heard from doctors and read from articles that sugars and dairy products are the Culprit #1 and #2!!! I'm now trying very hard to cut down on my sugar and dairy intakes...... All the best!
  2. Thx for your note...=) I waited like you said and I love Duac too! No skin-peeling and it works really well on me so far. My back acne has improved ALOT and my face acne was cleared after like 3 weeks. BUT I have started reducing the application amount and coverage since last week, but a few fresh ones are popping out again these few days. Are you using Duac on a long term basis???
  3. I'm having a moderate breakout on my face and my back. Been using Duac for almost a week (doctor's prescription) and i only see SLIGHT improvement so far. It seems to work much better on my face. Like the relatively light ones dried out after a day or two, but my back acne are still as horrible as before. Is Duac good enough for clearing moderate breakouts without coupling with any antibiotics??? Or do I just have to wait and see??? I'm pretty desperate to get my face cleared. Please advice!
  4. Hi all, I'm currently suffering from a moderate breakout on my face and back. The dermatologist initially suggested me to try just topical medication (Duac) first, but he prescribed me with Duac and a 2-week course of Medocycline in the end since I'm quite desperate for a quick fix. After googling at home about Medocycline, I get quite confused by the restrictions and wonder if it is common to get some unpleasant side-effects during the medication. I'm particularly aware of the note about avo