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  1. heya guys! I'm planning on getting subcision Ive tried dermaroller 3.0mm 3-4 time already Thankies..Hope you have a good day..and goodluck with your scar healing people xxxx
  2. 2.5 month to see a VAST IMPROVEMENT my friend i would say its barely enough time. but i will try and help you to the best of my knowledge cus i know exactly how u feel~ QUESTION : 1) What needle size should i begin with? 1.5 or 2.0? I have some deep icepicks too. (My doc uses Prilox anaesthetic cream for numbing the area of rolling. I'll use the same at home.) 2) Is there any serum/cream you'd recommend for faster healing. I have like 2.5 months. 3) How long to wait between 2 rolling se
  3. okayy... so ive had about 15 "box scars"+"icepick" scars on each side of my face.. mainly on the cheeks.. so i did TCA cross which made the scars bigger but shallower...made them into bigger+shallower "rolling scars".. its been almost a year now... and its gotten alot better has anyone done TCA cross and successfully fade the pinkish colour on the scar? i cant really see the different colour indoor...but when under the sunlight its pretty obvious that the scars are there still any advise a
  4. yes i had about 30 shots of injection on the same hypertopic scar for about a year bout 25 of them in the military...they dilute it so the concentration is very low.. had about 4 shots at a dermatogy..that defeiniely works though im not too sure if its cortisone injection though what is cortisone injection...? sterroid type is it? im planning on removing it completely if it reappears... not jus the puss inside but the sac itself.. anyone know if this surgical treatment is done at a dermatogy?
  5. SILICON GEL IS WHAT U GUYS NEED!!!! ---------------------------------------------- SEARCH EBAY whats a cortisone injection? is that like sterroid injection?
  6. i had a cyst about the size of a coin on the bottom right side of my face.. i have been using sterroid injections, and scar gel ( silicon ) for about 1 years now about 2 and a half week ago..it filled up with water again inside... >< does anyone know about cyst removal? not just cutting the cyst open and removing the liquid inside... im talking about the ones where they remove the cyst itself? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- my history
  7. except the fact that subcision needles go into the skin from the outside of the scar into the centre of the scar to "cut" anchoring tissue thats pulling down the depressed scar thus swelling and forming new collagen from underneath... but yea i suppose it has similar effects =) if you're planning on such treatments DO BOTH! SUBCISION = TO CUT ANCHORING TISSUE MTS/DERMAROLLER = FORM NEW COLLAGEN and make sure u use HA serum and EGF serum ^^
  8. hey guys i jus did TCA Cross on Tuesday and its Sunday today... ( 5 days ) some of the scabs fell off.... how long are the scabs suppose to be on for before it falls off in a good manner? and should i be washin my face twice a day? i have some really shallow scars as well on my face...what would u guys recommend i treat it with? does glycolic acid 40% help heal shallow scars? any comments would be cool guys =) xoxo
  9. hey guys ish nice we finally meet ~ as for myself i came to the army in korea and my acne exploded with scars..about 30 ice picks on the right cheek and about 15 on the left...really effected in many ways..physically and mentally... so i started researchinlike never before~~ 1) had 6 mts done on me with 2mm needle~ 2) started taking isotronine is what they called it in korea...which is like accutane i think after reading some of the blogs~..great for stopping acnes..but no use for scars... 3)