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  1. I went to a different dermatologist today to get advice about scarring and I happened to have a pustule with an obvious White head in my left cheek. He told me that it is OK to squeeze superficial pustules as they will not leave a permanent scar. His theory is that it is only pimples deeper in the skin that cause scarring. He said it will heal much quicker if the pus is gone. i thought I was dreaming. Surely he's not right?? It goes completely against anything I've ever been told.
  2. It has only been a few months, trust me, it will get better. You've seen my photo, I never believed mine would get better but it has. X
  3. Hi, apart from Isotrex gel I think that time was the best healer really.
  4. Hi all im wondering if there is a correlation between acne and vaping. My acne has definitely got worse in the 2 years since quitting cigarettes but I vape with an e-cigarette and am wondering if this might be causing this recent flare up. does anyone else here have a similar experience?
  5. Hi all i know some of you are going to be annoyed with me again for posting about my 'one little hole', but trust me, this 'little hole' has really upset me and the rest of my skin is far from perfect anyway. This was one hole that broke the camels back. The he first photo was taken 1.5 months after having a cyst injected with cortisone. The second photo was today. The lighting isn't totally identical, but I can definitely see improvement now. What do you think? I'm hoping for total resol
  6. That's very cruel of you - I have a number of holes in my face. Plus we are all important Nothing unusual, just Isotretinoin gel
  7. Hi Everyone i had a sma cyst inject with steroids in January. The first photo was taken at the beginning of February and shows the dent that appeared within a couple of weeks. This really freaked me out. the second photo was taken today. i have lost perspective on whether it is improving or not- please can you give me your views?
  8. Hi Delovely, I've copied and pasted from the information site: About isotretinoin gel Type of medicine A rub-on (topical) retinoid Used for Mild-to-moderate acne Also called Isotrex®; Isotrexin® (contains isotretinoin and erythromycin) Available as Gel
  9. I there i was prescribed isotretinoin gel by my dermatologist and I have been using it for 5 weeks. I have had a really bad initial outbreak, particularly on my chin, but is this normal? I would have thought that the antibiotic in the gel should counteract an initial outbreak. Your thoughts are welcome
  10. Had a third opinion today and they won't fill in. Feeling Ill with it all. If only I hadn't had cortisone shots. My derm said to wsit 6 months and then have subsicion. He said I can hide them with my hair!!!
  11. It definitely feels like a hole. Like someone has pressed in with their fingertip and the indentation stayed there.
  12. You said in an earlier post in this thread thwarting adman a log or blog? About your experiences with Accutane
  13. I'm in London too. Can you let me know where your log is please? many thanks
  14. Hi guys im about to start Accutane for Lithium induced acne. I'm 41 and female and my acne is much much better than it used to be but I still get around 2-3 large red pustules a month which scar and make me very depressed. will Accutane help with this? Also, I've heard that Accutane makes your existing scars appear much much worse as in redder and more indented. Is this true? thanks for any advice.