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  1. Hi! I have been on this board for over a decade, took a break for many years after successful scar treatments, and recently came back two years ago after a bad breakout which gave me new scarring. My scarring has never been severe, but I have had all types of scars (scarred pores, ice pick, boxcar, rolling, and even hypertrophic) which gave me a nasty looking texture especially in certain unflattering lighting. While my skin still isn’t perfect, after two years of dermastamp - single needling,
  2. Miss Prolixity, once again congrats on your improvement! I was wondering what store you bought the needle(s) you used. I too am not an advocate of self treatment but am curious.
  3. Not only is your skin looking amazing but you are such a beautiful girl. gahhhhh.
  4. Yay. Yelm I really wish you luck.
  5. Jen, may I ask where you're from? I'm just curious because I'm always looking to see if there are any other experienced dermabrasion docs closer to me than the wonderful Dr. Y. Thanks.
  6. Good points guys and gals. Thank goodness I havent tried to order the stuff yet. I'm having major doubts now. Anyway, good luck to all.
  7. Hello Miss Pro. I'm glad to hear you have had improvement from needling. I was wondering if you could tell me where you ordered your needles from?
  8. I'm almost positive that I'm going to take a chance and try this stuff because in the past, I've been Miss Cheap USA when it comes to experimenting with skin care stuff, and I think I'm going to treat myself to a product or two. Do you think I have to order the cleanser that comes with the Protein drops in order for it to all work as it says it will? I'd rather not but If I must, I will. Ah. If/When I do get the stuff and use it, I will update.
  9. I'm a 20 year old straight ***insecure*** social-phobe female, lol. I think chicks are gorgeous though! But yeah, I'm straight and I'm lucky enough to have a great guy throughout all of this.
  10. Amnesiac, I really feel for you. I must say, since I started to develop scars, my life has totally changed. Im completely inhibited and introverted. I avoid going out as much as I can and even around my loved ones, I always have my face down. While socially I have gotten a bit more confident, I still sit and imagine how I could "conquer the world if I had better skin". But please have hope. I soooo want to get a dermabrasion done but am waiting for obvious reasons (ching chingggg...money) I gues
  11. Tamara, thank you. I have yet to thoroughly read everything but those sites will definitely be helpful. You are truly a sweetheart and an inspiration.
  12. I always wished, aside from having no scarring at all of course, that all of those with scarring on here lived really close to one another and could meet up weekly and share products with one another, perform cross on each other, a few could put together earnings and purchase some of those lamps or whatever other stuff is on the market for scarring and just meet up for not only physical scar therapy but also emotional scar therapy. I know that idea is completely out of this world but the biggest
  13. Sam, Im really sorry to hear about everything youve been through and are going through and I definitely hope one day your situation changes. I definitely am affected pyschologically by my acne scars and my feelings are very inconsistent, meaning one day I feel optomistic yet the next I too will be devestated (and have been suicidal in the past). I could never judge someone else when it comes to how their acne scars affect them or anything else, and I feel for anyone who has to deal with this cra
  14. Paulandrei, this is what I'm doing right now. Ive been having 50% TCA crosses for the past few months and I will continue doing them every 2 months or so until I get my dermabrasion. They have given me some noticable improvements, not drastic but it definitely helped. Good luck
  15. Oldguy, I just wanted to tell you I think you are very kind and insightful, and what you just said about the scars on the cheeks being easy to smooth made my day because thats where my scars are located!!! Carpenter, I definitely do not think "were screwed" lol. I admit that some days I wake up feeling that way but others I KNOW that there are lots of solutions. It really is all about time, money and finding skilled people and the right products for your skin. So keep your head up and read up