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  1. Does anyone have tips for preventing bottle clogging/stop-up? I just now received a new bottle to make up for last bottle that clogged up.
  2. Ugh...another of my bottles clogged up. This time it was the Cleanser. Before that was the Advance Acne Treatment. I called up to get a new bottle of that so I gotta for a while without it. Can I use a different cleanser with or will I get a breakout of some sort? I gotta go with something till it arrives.
  3. Has anyone else tried the Clear Pore Astringent?
  4. You know how they say stress can cause acne right? We'll it's nearing the end of school for me. So now more test studying and heck, even going through it. I sorta broke out during the period of testing(3-4 days). Now I've started to relax but I swear, I'm breaking out left and right. I know I don't have anything big coming up. I just don't see why I'm breaking out. Every time I think my face is alright, 10 other pimples pop out of no where the next day.
  5. Product Link How well does it work? I want to hear from anyone that has used it with successful results.
  6. I have these two products and was wondering if it was safe to use them together or on separate routines such as one in the night and the other in morning.
  7. What are different things that can cause cysts? Wanted to know(just in case it's something I'm doing.).
  8. I have a few cysts on my chin and then a single one on the left side of my face. I really don't want to pop or mess with them but they're really shiny looking and sort of red. I don't really have any acne treatments in my house besides Proactiv(I don't even mess with it anymore. The stuff don't work.). I was wondering if the Acne.org products will take care of cysts and nodules. But back to what I was asking. Since I don't really have anything to use, will they eventually go away or do they ju
  9. I have the same feeling as well. Can't help but think that even though people and my friends don't say anything, I know they are thinking in their head about my face and how bad it looks. I don't go down so easily though. I have plenty of confidence within myself.