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  1. I have asked my GP (i'm from UK) to re refer me back to the dermatologist as i was discharged last october, 3 months after finishing my course the spots gradually started to come back.....not as huge as i used to get, lots of small white pimples, and smaller red bumps, which usually have a little puss in them. I just hope they put me back on it, i would prefer a smaller dose for longer as i had problems last time with a larger dose and had to be dropped back down. Anyone else has small dose for
  2. I was on it last year, i am 43 now, but gradully got a few spots back the last 2 months, but managable for now, would go back on it if it got to bad.
  3. Same here for me, went to derm, and got meds the same day....i didnt have to do the wait 30 days as i have been sterilised, so 'shouldnt' be getting pregnant lol, i have been a couple of weeks now since finishing my course, hope it went well for you at the derm app
  4. I was just looking for this problem...i went for my appointment the other day and my fat lipis/colesterol have gone up, its always been good, so they have lowered my dose from 75mg to 60mg and asked me to watch my diet to try and get it back down. The only downside is i may have to be on the meds 6 months rather than the 4 months they initially wanted me to take. I started my third month yesterday. Michelle
  5. No, it was the same for me, i was referred by my GP to the derm, who looked at me, explained everything, did a preg test even tho i have been sterilised, then had a blood test and was given my prescription.
  6. I have been on roaccutane now for about 6 weeks and often feel very very tired, my muscles ache really bad, especially my lower legs and i dont work out...at all...other than run around after the kids, today has been a very tiring day, cant wait to get to bed. Michelle
  7. I'm 42, had acne as a teen, then clear for many years after the birth of my first child in 1991, but came back about 3 years ago now, had many antibiotics, and now started on roaccutane 4 weeks ago, hope they clear, was asked if i had chicken pox this morning LOL. Michelle
  8. I ahve been what i call..snappy lately, only been on my meds 3 weeks, first 2 weeks were the worst, been better this last week, hopefully i wont get any worse.
  9. Well i ahve been on roaccutane for 3 weeks now, i was due to see the derm next week but they were booked up so i had to go yesterday, they have upped my meds from 40mg to 75mg, i had to have another pee sample, they are doing these even though i have been sterilised 7 years, and asked how i am getting on, i forgot to mention for the last week i have had really bad headaches everyday, sometimes a general hungover feeling, other times a real pounding head. Apart from that and the dry skin i am ok,
  10. Thanks, i have some bio oil...but thought maybe it would be to oily???? Will prob try the eucerin Michelle
  11. Are these the same thing, i am in the UK and just started roaccutane, but see most people say accutane on here!!! Also can anyone recommend a good moisturiser that i can get in the UK Thanks Michelle
  12. Hi there, i,m a 42 year old female and have been suffering with acne for just over 2 years..about the same time i started being menopausal, i get huge very painful lumps, which end up getting some puss in them towards the end before they start to dry out, plus i also get the usual pimples and white filled pimples. Have been on many antibiotics, and last week had my first dermatology app, were the ladt doc put me on roaccutane. Could anyone recommend a good moisturiser that isnt oil based??? Many