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    Well I stopped the Spiro for a while and that didn't work out too well so I went back on but over the last 2 months I've had 3 big painful spots and loads of tiny whiteheads whihc sounds fine but each one leave a dry red mark so my chin has looked like it has a massive rash a lot of the time. Have also been getting a few spots on my cheeks. Went to my doc today who said don't bother with Spiro but prescribed Epiduo. Thing is I have such sensitive skin which is already red and dry I'm a bit sca
  2. On Sunday I ran out of Spiro, I hadn't realised that I didn't have another packet. So it's been a few days without any - all I've been taking is my vitamin e supplement. It's been my week off my contraceptive pill. I've been using my Simple cleanser and the Simple Oil control lotion on my forehead and nose but have had to use much more nourishing creams on my chin as it has been really dry for a couple of weeks. Chin - clear, couple of healing red marks from the breakout 2 weeks or so a
  3. Chin has been suffering from loads of small spots since February - at first I thought it was down to stress from exams I was taking but now the exams are over it still hasn't got much better. Really annoyed.
  4. Skin was totally clear for the wedding and honeymoon but now (End of Jan) I have the first cyst on my chin since starting Spiro. Granted I have been eating crap and the weather isn't good so I blame that really. This week I plan to exfoliate more and drink more water. As a one off though I shouldn't complain.
  5. I love love love love love this tablet. I pray that I never get side effects so I don't have to come off it. Worked a treat for me, I have totally clear skin, on 50mg a day. In the UK where I am I had to persuade my doctor a bit before he gave it to me but I reckon try and get your doctor on side cos this really works!
  6. I am definitely different with my fiance if I have a breakout. Even when it's clear I'm not that keen on him seeing me without make-up cos of the red marks but when it's spotty, eurgh, I always try to keep him away from me. Sometimes I won't even have a kiss cos it will rub the make-up off and I don't want that. My confidence is hugely improved when it's clear and I don't worry about what he thinks half as much. Of course he always says that he loves me and fancies me despite the spots but I
  7. I swear by MAC concealer also - it comes in a little pot and I use a lip brush to apply it. Love it!
  8. I have been on it for 2 weeks now and have had no new large cyst like spots since I started. I did have a couple of whiteheads but nothing new for about a week now. Quite pleased so far! Plus I'm only using 1 or 2 blotting papers a day, because my skin is much less oily.
  9. I take mine with evening primrose oil, vitamin e, and zinc...haven't read anything to the contrary and it doesn't say in the information leaflet that you can't combine the two.
  10. Day 3 and no new spots (early days I know!). I'm on 50 mg a day.
  11. Hi I'm new to this site and love reading all the comments cos it's so nice to know I'm not alone. I'm 25, and have been suffering from sore red lumps under the skin on my chin as well as some whiteheads. They last for about 2 weeks and then leave a nasty red mark. I use Cilest as my contraceptive pill (I'm in the UK - don't know if you get it everywhere) and have just picked up my first prescription for Spiro. My doc had never heard of it being prescribed for acne but I told him I'd done my r