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  1. So Im studying from home at the moment, and boy im glad! Because I have a spot the size of a mountian and I do not want to leave the house! Its annoying, because my forehead, nose, and inner cheeks are getting smoother and somewha clear, but these monsters just to the side of my chin area are awful, I havent had a spot this severe in a while. Hopefully after this first month they'll go away!
  2. Well, OUCHIES. Some horrible cysts they HURT. Not really "squeezable" at all either. Rest of my face is getting clearer, but I think I will be plagued with cysts around my chin and jaw for a while yet.
  3. Hi Sascha! Well, I think that all these whiteheads I have erupting are some kind of initial breakout, but its nothing terrible. And like I said, the ones on my forehead cleared up much quicker than they usually would have! The idea of an initial breakout doesnt bother me THAT much anyway, as I have really bad breakouts every now and then anyway, so its nothing new! And aside from where the breakouts are, my skin texture is generally quite okay! Especially my forehead - I think the main improve
  4. SO, finished week 2 today. My skin was looking better at the start of the week, had some really nice smooth areas and the two massive spots on my forehead completely went away. I got a small cluster of other whiteheads on my forehead, small ones though that are already gone. I was putting makeup on to go out with my boyfriend, and I felt so much less self conscious putting it on (usually hate it, it depresses me trying to cover up my awful skin) - because I only had a couple of spots to hide, m
  5. Hey, so I have just done my first week on roaccutane. I hope to continue to update this weekly as I want to avoid having a daily obsession with my progress! My plan is to get on with life, and just hope it does the job! I have had acne since I was 12 or so, (now nearly 20) and it has ranged from mild to quite severe over the years. I have tried birth control, oral and topical antibiotics, countless skin products, vitamins, special diets ETC ETC YOU ALL KNOW THE DRILL. This year in particula
  6. So for all those teenagers who are cutting dairy/gluten/sugar/caffeine (all or just one or a combination ) out of their diets to help with their acne - how do you cope with daily life? Like for example, lunches at college, going out for coffee with friends, nights out, staying over at other people's houses. I manage ok with going for coffee by getting a hot chocolate made with soya milk. Not exactly sugar free but ah well. Nights out are tricky, as alcohol is TERRIBLE for my skin. The best opt
  7. What about hemp protein? You just blend it in a smoothie.
  8. I like your bit about CALM skin I think far too many people get hung up on achieving perfect skin and if we are all realistic, it wont happen for many of us. But after years of painful lumps, bumps, redness and scabs, I can proudly say that I too am on my way to being happy with CALM skin. Yeah I am going to end up with scars from my years of picking but hey, thats what makeup is for Covering up mild scars is easy peasy in comparison to trying to dsiguise cysts! xxx
  9. Well, am still keeping up with the regimen aside from being healthy which is just not happening for me atm :/ Skin is alot more "under control", like I dont panic if I get a couple of spots because I know the next day, they will have gone down a considerable amount. I have one under the skin zit on my cheek atm.. and a couple normal ones dotted around here and there but they dont look as irritated as before I was on the regimen. It is sort of isolated spots too, as opposed to a whole AREA of th
  10. Wow, your skin is looking amazing!! Especially the chin area, there is such a difference. Your whole face though, just looks really pretty and evenly toned. ETA: I hope it's not the AHA causing your breakouts though..Im also going to be counting on that to reduce redmarks once im sorta clear.
  11. Quick update....new spots going down = ) Woke up and skin looked much less angry and not alot of dryness either. Im feeling positive that providing Im consistent, this will work.
  12. Thumbs up for Dan's cleanser removing makeup! So no more EVOO needed. I take my eye makeup off first, but the cleanser gets rids of everything else. Ok so I broke out pretty badly :/ My skin got quite dry and to eliminate this I tried massaging in jojoba oil and removing with a flannel as described by someone else on the site. Jojoba has broken me out before and I got two quite big spots in the same place as before just above my lip and a sore one on my jawline. I also skipped the BP for 1/2 d
  13. Hey Halon2 I've actually been reading your blog, your skin looks soo much better, it was one of the ones that encouraged me to start the regimen. I had just assumed I would need a seperate makeup remover, I thought Dan's cleanser was pretty mild and wouldnt get it off properly but I will try without the EVOO tonight, the less products to use the better! I dont wear alot of makeup, so actually it should be fine. So my skin... Well my diet has been crap to be honest, need to kick start my healt
  14. Well it has only been 2 days or so, but going okay so far! First impressions of products/regimen Love the cleanser, just the right amount of lather and totally non irritating. BP is surprisingly fuss free to use, it absorbs really well and pretty much disappears. Im only using half a pump at the moment, want to start slow. Have experienced a mild burning sensation and a little itching but nothing unbearable and it doesnt last that long. Moisturiser is pretty watery and I think I applied too
  15. Just writing some more stuff down to motivate myself...going to officially start my regimen tomorrow. I really really want to finish this off for good, I know perfect skin isn't realistic but I just want decent skin that Im not embarassed off. I cant even have a normal conversation with someone because I cant look them in the eye because Im so paranoid theyre just staring at my skin. So I have to look down or past them which makes me look so weird and anti-social. I HATE mirrors, especially in