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  1. Hello all. Just to let you know. It's been about >2 months now and my skin is 70% better. I'm very happy. Hope it works for you too.
  2. One more thing, you ask about amount. My daily dose is 3 pills, each pill is 300mg, so 300x3 = 900mg plus 100mg inulin
  3. Hello all. I've been struggling with acne for 6 or 7 years now. I'm 20 now, and can proudly say that bad acne is past tence for me. I tried lost of stuff, like Skinoren, Differin, and one and only accutane. But what happend? I started taking accutane 3 months ago, got scared and stoped it after 3 day (only). I said to my self, I will do everything in my power to stop acne which has been ruining my life for so long I FOUND THE CURE My situation: I always had very nice skin but my forehed was
  4. Why don't you report any more ? I would like to know how are you holding..
  5. I was taking accutane for 3 days only (total 100mg in that 3 days) and then I quit (I decided not to poisen my body becouse of acne, no matter how bad or good they are). In that period and few days after I stoped, my skin was still super oily. But after 1 week my skin dried like Sahara desert Today is almost 3 weeks after I took them and skin is still SUPER DRY! At first this was cool, not having oily skin after 7 years of it but now I see one huge side effect. I still get cysts AND THEY HEAL
  6. You're skin is improving very well. One month from now it will look twice better. Have a nice new life
  7. I QUIT My acne isn't that bad to take this poison. People like me with or without acne. Acne came by nature and will dissaper with nature. I will never poisen my body again. Bye all.
  8. FutureDocOnTane thanks for your reply. I will continue, if anything bad starts to happen, I'll quit right away. Day 2 Nothing much to report. Skin still super oily. Side effects: I noticed little rednes on my chest, but nothing bad.
  9. I can't do this All my life I lived a healthy life. I don't smoke, drink alcohol, eat junk food (well most of the time), do drugs etc. and big part of my life is sport. Right now I have energy like never before. I tought I want accutane but now when I'm taking it I don't want it any more Can't stop thinking about it and what could happen to me. No body really knows what this drug can do. If I quit I know I won't get clear for at least 3-4 years (24-25years old) but my acne isn't that bad t