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  1. I use Almay smart shade make up, its light and always blends exactly, it has spf 15 and im sure they make a combi/oily skin range. Its non-comdogenic and has never broken me out! you may need to try a few tho cos each person is different but i really like the almay for myself!
  2. I have recently moved from the city to da ocean... looong drive and i love it here (been here for bout 3 weeks to a month) The only thing that concerns me is that i like going to the beach (so far its been a little to cold too swim so i only swam once) but is the salty water harmful to my skin? is there anything i should do before or after i go in? The sea here is nice and clean, no pollution but im worried that the salt water may be too harsh? Any advice?
  3. Wow, good going love!!! I find i break out around my period no matter what dont worry bout that! at least your skin is clear!! Are you using BP at all to help clear it or just taking zinc?
  4. I would also love to know that answer to this! i would looooove to go for a facial but am terrified that it makes the acne worse! Anyone have the answers for us??
  5. -have one of those "instant pimple treatment pens" on you at all times???... you may just have acne! -Ever shot pus onto ur mirror?....... you may just have acne! not that those "instant blemish fixer upper" pens work but i still carry one in my bag at all times just in case!!!
  6. i have another take on this.. i did a bit of reading and i noticed... you didnt say how old you were. This pattern you are seeing for breaking out after masturbation may have something to do with your hormone levels.... do a bit of research on the topic until ur satisfied that u found your answer.
  7. hey i found this information on thought i wud share it with all of you., im not sure how true it is but its worth a read!!! (repeat: i just found this and thought u'd like to read it i cannot say if it works or not!) Eat fruit to cure and prevent acne Eating fruit is a very effective way to prevent or cure acne. As you may know fruit is not only very tasty but also healthy. The best fruit you can eat to prevent acne is fruit with an orange or red skin. I think you now already that a balanc
  8. Fruit is not bad for you! Suger from fruit is different to normal "table sugar" found in sweets and chocolates ect Fructose (sugar from fruit) is broken down by the body slowly and is converted into SUCROSE and GLYCOGEN. Fructose is often recommended for, and consumed by, people with diabetes or hypoglycemia, because it has a very low Glycemic Index Glycemic index (you see those packs in the shop saying low GI) is a ranking system for carbohydrates based on their im
  9. Im not sure if this is any help, As with all products, i would test it on a small area of skin 48 hours before applying it to your whole face. this is to test if your skin will have an adverse reaction to the product. Read the product instructions, indications, contra-indications and side effects carefully before using it. Make sure you are comfotable that you understand the instructions and that you understand what exactly the product will be doing. Do some research on the product until you
  10. I feel your pain... my skin breaks out for nothing! Trying a make-up out for a while to see how your skin reacts to it is always a good idea as each persons skin will react differently. The only foundation i will use on my skin is Almay SmartShade make up, its got SPF 15 and is non-comedogenic. It has never broken my skin out and provides light, very natural looking coverage. Remember always remove make-up when you get home, never sleep with make-up on!
  11. I love love love Almay Smart Shade Make up.... it blends in, provides nice light coverage and if your skin gets a bit of sun on the weekend and u tan slightly... no problem as it blends to your skin tone.. no need to buy more make-up on monday! its non-comdogenic and so wont clog pores and has SPF 15. It provides lovely natural coverage but its not heavy coverage. To add to the coverage if i need to or to touch up during the day, i use the Almay Minerals in that nice pen type brush applicator
  12. Honey its not hat bad! I swear by no hair down there! I find that if you shave your peach and you just keep shaving eventually the hair will grow back thicker and thicker... but go for a full brazillian at least once every six months to keep the hair from getting too thick. Personally i find that waxing is not that bad and the results are worth it. Suffer for beauty honey! just relax and grin and bear it., its over before you know it! Im sure your man wud appreciate it aswell so you'll forg
  13. Honey i highly doubt it!!! Think about this, i firmly believe that there is a link between stress and break outs. I recently moved very far into a new and strange environment and even lost sleep because of how much i was stressing! I broke out like crazy! Luckily for me i have a wonderful boyfriend whom i love dearly.. he helped ease some of my stress... bless him.. and within a day or two of pampering from my man.. my acne stopped itching and started healing.... i believe that sex help
  14. Hey! Ive been using the Garnier Pure Deep Pore Scrub.. its ment to help with blackheads, i found it does reduce them a tiny bit but not in a dramatic way. Pure A is alright, it did help a tiny bit with lightening marks but i dont think i used it long enough to see proper results. It makes your skin sensitive to the sun so use sun protection (either a big stylish hat or something!) Im not sure if it available everywhere but i like the Garnier Pure Self Heating Sauna Mask! i use it every sunda