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  1. Just would like to point out that masturbation is the problem (for me anyway). I have been testing this theory for the past 3 months now, I would start by not masturbating for a week... my skin would still brake out and if I continued masturbating for lets say every 2 days breakouts will appear more often, so then I stopped masturbating for around 3 weeks (yep it can be difficult at the start). My skin really did clear up after 2 weeks or so it was looking much better, I would have the occas
  2. My acne is also hormonal as well as being a Male and 23 years of age. I have started taking Saw Palmetto, DIM plus and Vitamin D3 for around 2 weeks now and I have not had any breakouts since around a week ago. I also decided to stop masturbating for some time (since 3 weeks ago) so that might also be helping. I still eat dairy and meat though doesn't seem to be causing any trouble at the moment.
  3. I've been on tretinoin for a few months now and have got loads of red marks, I thought it wasn't working but maybe give it more time and the red marks will disappear. Really depressing when your trying so hard =/
  4. I hate having it too and I think everyone hates it, I have had it for 7-9 years or so, been on accutane for a year and I got amazing (acne disappeared) results but a year later it is slowly coming back and has been getting worse, now I am back on antibiotics... I am male and now 21 years old. The worse part is that you try so hard but you see minimum results, and then there's people without acne that think you don't try and the reason resulting in acne. I had severe acne before accutane
  5. I never get sick either =/ only when drinking alcohol sometimes. Never get cough, cold or flu... if I do it is very minor and fades within a few days. Only problem I have related to my health is acne and had it for 6-7 years (now 21).
  6. I have the same problem pretty much, scars appear on chest, back and the worst shoulders. You could try Silicone Scar Sheets, apparently they help. If you currently have active acne they may make it worse. They can work on old and new scars. Other treatments such as bio-oil should help with the redness and improve the appearance. There's also skin peels, such as salicylic acid and lactic acid, they can also help with active acne. All these treatments require time, it could ta