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  1. Im Asian and I am wondering if their are any medications well suited for Asian skin...Right now, I have moderate acne and Im not using any medication at all. My face has some discolorations because of my past pimples...Any ideas what I should put on my face...?
  2. I have a question for BlueT...Can you tell me what your skin regimen is... What do you use to minimize pimples...?
  3. I also have blemished skin and I can't live without foundation... For me the best foundation is Prescriptives...They have this foundation called Custom Blend...It's totally different from other foundation because they make the foundation right in front of you...They mix different colors to achieve the perfect color for your skin tone...Its absolutely great...! I also recommend buying their foundation brush...It makes it easier to apply foundation! You don't have to use your fingers to apply it!