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  1. Hi, I too am new to this site. I'm 36 and feel the same as you. I tend to avoid activities I like if I have a breakout... this is often. I recently went to the derm and she gave me Ziana gel, Spironolactone (helps w/ the hormonal breakouts) and Minocycline. It has been 1 month and I have noticed that my pores are clearing out! BUT, the red marks are there. I'm hoping that they will fade with time since the Ziana gel makes you flaky and the skin has a quick turn over rate. I'm wearing a l
  2. Hi Jen, I am 36 yrs old and have tried Differin gel as well. I turned incredibly red, sensitive and looked like I had lizards skin. It was horrible. I recently started with Ziana gel, Spironolactone and Minocycline. The Ziana gel has been wonderful in comparison. It definitely creates some flakes but I can manage that. My 14 yr old daughter who only has mild acne has been given the Differin gel because the derm we see thinks it's better for the younger person's skin. She looks great. I