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  1. Hi everyone, I've been meaning to go back to this site and update about my second course of Accutane, cause I know when I first started round two, I looked high and low on the Internet for other people who also did round two, and could not find anyone who had shared. So if this is helpful for others, I'm glad to come forward. Brief history: did my first round in May of 2010. Has no serious complications other than the dry lips. Skin cleared up almost instantly and I was so happy. Once I came
  2. I was on Accutane from May of 2009 until this past October. My acne, which is papular (tiny, teeny little lesions (like blisters almost) with a little white head that hurt to the touch and form in clusters, especially in crevices like around my mouth and nose. It's quite possibly the most irritating thing I ever have had to deal with in my life, speaking that I had NO acne problems as a teen and suddenly at 24 I can't seem to get rid of it. Accutane worked miracles very fast; after only a few we
  3. WGng26

    2nd course of accutane

    Isn't it so unbelievable? You get this amazing, new skin with no oil and then it ALL comes back. My skin is almost as oily (which is super, super oily) as it was pre-accutane. I'm going to do a second round too, it helps to know there are other people out there in the same situation!
  4. WGng26

    2nd course of accutane

    Your derm is probably a square. I had to go through some hoops with mine before getting prescribed accutane. Basically asked for another doctor in the office- and i had pretty severe acne. Some doctors just don't like prescribing the stuff. To OP> most 2nd coursers are statistically supposed to have more success. The fact you're not finding anyone who had success with a 2nd course might be a good thing. Remember that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. 2nd timers who have succ
  5. WGng26

    2nd course of accutane

    I know what you mean about the diet; I actually started eating healthier out of paranoia although I haven't really been eating anything different than usual. I started up the pill again to see if maybe that will help with the hormones, because it did help at one point a few years back. Best of luck to you; I really appreciate the comment. And I'll cross my fingers that no third round will be needed for either of us!
  6. WGng26

    2nd course of accutane

    Is that the only place you got/get your acne is around mouth, chin, and nose? Because i was denied accutane only just getting it there and was deemed not severe enough basically. Nah I get it everywhere, although the most severe and obvious areas are midface. I was also getting these hard, clogged lumps under my jaw line which would not go away unless I squeezed them out, and Accutane did take care of those because they don't form anymore.
  7. WGng26

    Help, I'm at my wits end....

    For any of you who followed my blog throughout my Accutane progress, you'll notice I had an air of skepticism throughout the whole thing...it was just went TOO well. No side effects other than the dry lips, fast results, and what seemed like a permanent end to my years of acne turmoil. So tell me....WHY IS MY ACNE COMING BACK ALREADY??? I finished my treatment in October, and the derm was all proud and said that I did remarkably. However, only a few weeks later, I started getting that horribl
  8. Omg it's funny you brought that up because I was going to mention in my upcoming blog update that the Proactive sulfur mask makes an excellent spot treatment. I do use it very sparingly, not on like whole sections of skin....but to dot on individual blemishes it has been great and hasn't burned or irritated my skin. Very good for not picking...it's not worth it at all really!