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  1. I am taking Sprintec (Ortho Cyclen) and it did wonders for my face, my acne completely cleared up within a month, however it is making other aspects of my life a living hell. I was already prone to migraines and depression so that is most likely why it is bothering me so much. I am mad alot and headachy. I am going Monday and having the doctor give me a lower dose BCP, a monophasic, but something with lower estrogen. From all the research I have done and doctors I have talked to if you are going
  2. davis507


    As u can see from my last post I am not having a good time with Ortho Cyclen. I have been doing lots of research online and it looks like Modicon is a better choice for people with depression. From my research it does not sound like Modicon is one of those pills that make acne worse. Anybody familiar with this one? tia.
  3. So I have been on this poison for 28 days now, my head is killing me and I feel like hanging myself some days, the depression with this pill is awful. My skin looks great, I do not have one single zit....cannot believe how good my skin looks. Some of my wrinkles from the dehydration the BP was causing on my skin are softening significantly. But I cannot take this depression or horrible headaches anymore. I asked my family to please cut me some slack for a few weeks while I adjust but they will
  4. Keep us posted, I have some scarring on my cheek similar to yours and would be curious to see how yours turns out. I have OCD as well, BDD to be more specific so the scarring is driving me nuts.
  5. I would probably not use safeguard on the face.... it is kind of a harsh soap and it's fragrance could make acne worse, not only that but I have read in more than one article that whatever is holding bar soaps together can clog up the pores really bad. I was hospitalized once and had nothing to use but bar soap and my face broke out.
  6. Yes my Derm told me no dairy as well. It is hard but do-able.
  7. That looks alot like mild or the beginning of Rosacea. Unless the redness showed up after you applied all the products? Hydrocortisone cream is really not good for the skin on the face at all, take care when using that. It can cause it to permanently thin out. It really broke my skin down. The cortisone cream aggravated the broken caps around my nose. Purpose is a really good cleanser, if u find that the Cetaphil is not helping your breakouts, making them worse or leaving you feeling like you
  8. I agree with Maximus0's statement about unbalanced PH and it causing acne to worsen. I just went to the skin clinic last week and the lady there told me that acne products that do not take into consideration the PH balance can make skin worse. BP she said is one of the bigger offenders. I don't know much about SA, I do know when I used a cleanser with SA in it my acne got worse, however this could have been purging because it helps the skin turnover a little quicker than it would on it's own. If
  9. I know there is a sticky here with some info but I am kind of fishing for ppl's personal experiences or someone's they know. Thanks!
  10. hello So my scars are raised a little, not too bad, no pitting (yet). I am wondering what the best treatment for the slightly raised spots and dark brown and red marks would be? I was thinking maybe a mid depth TCA peel, but not sure. The skin clinic recommended levulan but upon research that seems like a very scary treatment to me. If I heard more good things about it, I might consider it but I have heard a few negs.... How about just straight up IPL and not the chemicals they put on with the l
  11. My Derm must be full of crap then because she told me they usually leave the Spiro to the "other doctors" (whoever the "others" are) and referred me back to my GP.
  12. I think your skin looks really good, I know you probably don't believe that. I have seen some ppl who have had very good luck with TCA peels. TCA peels can get pretty deep. It really smooths the skin out. Dermabrasion is so iffy, it can make the acne come back but that would work as well to polish the skin and soften those up. Good luck.
  13. I got this song and dance from several doctors, and I wanted it for the peach fuzz starting to grow on my face, plus my thinning head hair and having to shave my body hair twice a day (I am only 34)...clearing the acne would have been an added bonus! I am absolutely pissed off, fuming! One said my hormones were fine. I say they are not "fine" for me. My testosterone is within normal limits right on the cut-off of being high, not only that but many female doctors think that they have that level s
  14. Well I was thinking that since it is those hormone fluctuations that can cause us females to bust out in acne during certain points in our cycle, that maybe since this BCP he prescribed that has a consistent level of hormones in it would work out just as well. If I am not having hormone changes maybe my skin will not whack out. I hear so many different things about BCP, I guess the only thing I can do is try it. He has it set up so I only get my period every 9 weeks, right now it is every 20 day
  15. So I just got a scrip for Ortho Cyclen and am kind of nervous about starting it. I fear my breakouts getting worse as I have seen negative reviews on this BCP. Topicals are not working and neither are the antibiotics....Is Ortho Cyclen somewhat the same as Ortho Tri Cyclen? I am wondering why he did not give me Ortho Tri Cyclen instead of the Ortho Cyclen. I am taking it for another reason besides acne, I did express to the Gyno that if I was going to be on hormones I would like something that w