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  1. Almay is great, especially for guys. I use stuff that they make called SmartShade, which blends in with your skin tone. Never had any breakouts or dryness. It really REALLY does not look like makeup.
  2. My dad had it till he was about 29. I'm 25, and still have it. The upside of the oily skin gene is that he has very few wrinkles at age 56.
  3. Oh, God, do I know where you're coming from. Cold sores are acne's sadistic, painful little brother. And it's definitely the season. Generally, I just choke them with as much BP as possible, and it usually helps the process.
  4. To me, actually, the BEST place is around your nose and lips. Of course it sucks at the time, but the skin in that area is so tough, that red spots virtually never last longer than a few weeks. WORST: Again, cheeks, for the same reason. Red marks there stick around for a ludicrously long time.
  5. The climate is unquestionably a major factor in acne. Personally, I'm not even a sufferer at all except during the autumn. Acne's most common cause is when dry skin combines with oil. So for me, at least, the weather conditions from late-August thru early-November (I live in the Northeast) are pretty beastly. That's because the weather constantly fluctuates from ideal conditions for oily skin (hot, humid) to ideal conditions for dry skin (cool, dry). Cody, your dad is right about soap lik
  6. Acne is pretty common among actors, because the conditions tend to be pretty bad for it. Lots of makeup, bright lights, and incredibly erratic schedules--excellent combo for breakouts. Cruelly ironic for a profession that involves physical appearance so much.
  7. Make sure you aren't being overly sensitive about it, though. People who used to suffer from acne are notoriously paranoid about their complexion (myself included). Minor breakouts become earth shattering crises. Little blemishes that nobody else notices are "red spots that haven't disappeared for a decade." I hate to say it but no matter what, you will ALWAYS see your skin as much worse than it is.
  8. Has anyone else used this? I just bought a bottle, because I was looking for something with more SPF than 15. It leaves a white, caky residue that doesn't seem to go away. Is there some sort of trick for gettting moisturizer to completely absorb into your skin? Right now I look like a ghost.
  9. I've been using BP for a while now, and it has almost completely controlled my acne. However, there's still one problem area--my nose and the area immediately surrounding. There seems like some kind of problem there all the time--inflammation, redness, and whiteheads that the BP doesn't seem to have any effect on. I obvously have very sensitive skin there--do you have any recommendations?
  10. Yep, same here. My acne is much less severe than it was as an adolescent. Actually, it's hardly severe at all--maybe 1 zit every three weeks. But god, do I ever obsess over that one zit! I have a few recommendations for people regarding this problem: 1.) Keep some kind of log of your zits, as a way of looking at things from a more objective perspective (hey, that rhymes!). For example, when I look at my notebook and see that I have not had any acne in 24 days, and even now that I'm "break
  11. Just to let you know, though, smoking is BAD for your skin in the long run. It might not be related to acne, but premature aging and blemishes are common long-term side effects.