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  1. bro read my article titled READ THIS GUYS IMPORTANT!
  2. guys i think it's time we stop using harsh chemicals on our skin, my point is why don't we try something natural, i know you might be thinking that why would something like this work if we could just by BP and other products and put it on our skin, for me this is something we gamble our skin on, guys if we just think clearly i think it's better to put natural organic chemicals on our face than use topical creams or gel that contains a lot of chemicals that we dont know off, today a few hours b
  3. guys i read that vinegar is actually good for acne, i think this is true because if we use our common sense vinegar doesn't have enough components that is really harmfull to our skin not like BP that has a lot of components some we don't even know off, so my point is people before our time don't have BP instead they use vinegar to cure acne and it worked for them, i think it's best to try home remedies that try BP that has a lot of components. hope you get my point.
  4. guys does 5% and 2.5% has the same effect? cause only 5% BP is available here at my place
  5. guys does benzoyl peroxide also clears or lightens up acne scars cause benzoly peroxide is also a peeling agent right?
  6. guys i recently bought benzac ac 2.5% topical gel, my question is will i use this as how dan uses his benzoyl peroxide cause this is the only brand available here at my place,but dans benzoyl peroxide and this one has the same percentage, so do you think i should use this as how dan uses his?
  7. guys im currently using celeteque facial wash, but i read a lot about dove beauty bar for sensitive skin and i also learned that a lot of dermatologist is recommending this stuf, do you think its ok for me to try it? LETS KILL ACNE!!!!!!!!!
  8. guys last week i started using benzac 5% acne wash then i learned that using 2.5% is more effective, so is it ok that i shifted from 5% to 2.5%? help guys! thanks a lot! hope we kill acne!!