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  1. Thank you very much guys...it really helps to hear from you real people rather than having to dig under the truth and cynicism of these 'too good to be true' claims the advert make! i think eventually i am going to buy both and just alternate them i suppose. But for now credit crunch is a great punch to my finances - i m jobless! so i will go for purpose first and then see if it works for me ....thank you very much everyone ....coz one of u said - cetaphil does not fight acne then i guess i mig
  2. hello peoples, i'm from london. my skin type is weird- its not at all oily and it tends to get dry and flakey at times, at the same time it is not oily on t zones and dry on the other areas .bassically i am not a combination i am 22...its more like normal to dry skin type. Recently i have been breaking out and few are (please pardon my description )the surface pussy ones and few are red unbreakable ones. I have tried obviously like many acne sufferes do practically everything......nutrogena, c