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  1. Ive been on jan carlos regimen for about two weeks now and i gotta say its really does work! I use the cetaphil and a little bit of vinegar as my transition product because before this regimen i was on botcla's regimen(horrible regimen, bp and salicylic acid). I had big bumps on my jawline from using bp but once i started this regimen they began to dry out and started going down. As of right now i only have about 3 pimples( small ones) Im so glad! If your skeptical about it you should give it a
  2. Its sounds good but i also broke out like CRAZY all over jawline too! Ive been on ot almost a month now and still there is all this nasty bumps on my jawline that keep turning into whiteheads. My advice to you is if u try it GOOD LUCK!
  3. I've been on botchla's regimen for almost a month now and im still getting breakouts so im thinking about giving it up and trying this regimen. Does anyone know if this is a good idea or bad idea since botchla's regimen involved bp and going directly from that regimen to this regimen could be too harsh on my skin. In your opinion what regimen do u guys think works better, Botchla's or this one?
  4. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=11566
  5. It seems like it really breaks out bad around the jawline, how many other people have broken out on the jawline from the regimen? For those that say they got past the 3rd week breakout, how long did it take for the bumps and pimples to start going down? Will i have to wait a week while they heal or do they start healing quickly. My week 4 is next week so will i start to clear up then? I hope so because its my last week of vacation before i go to school and i dont wanna go to school with all thes
  6. Yeah im on week 3 too and my face is looking bad! A bunch of bumps on my jawline but im gonna try to stick it through. They say after week 4 its starts to really improve so hopefully ill start improving soon!
  7. This is for all the guys in here, i was wondering if acne affects the growth of facial hair. Im 22 years old already and i still dont really grow facial hair besides a little mustache hair but thats it. Does anybody else have this problem? I wish i could grow a beard, that would cover up all my scars and stuff!
  8. I had v-beam as well and im actually going in for my 5th session next week. It really didnt help much , I suggest you look into getting smoothbeam instead. To answer your questions, my face looked normal by the next day( it was just a little red for a couple of hours)I was able to go to school the next day. It helped the existing acne but not a huge difference, I dont think it made my skin any worse. The skin isnt really raw afterwards so im guessing concealer would be fine afterwards.. If you h
  9. I just wanted to know if anybody has used ClindaMax Lotion before and what kind of results did u get using it.I never really heard about this stuff so i would appreciate it if anybody had any info or rewsults regarding this product. I went to dermatologist last week and she gave me ClindaMax Lotion and Differin.
  10. Wow 200$ that would be even better!
  11. wow that sounds like a pretty good price, thanks
  12. Does anyone know a doctor in california that offers a reasonable price for smoothbeam treatment? I went to the Laser and Dermatology Instititute in Beverly Hills and they told me it would cost something like 4,500!! Ive heard others say they got it for like 400$ or less per session. If you know about a place can u please give me their number or the address. Thanx
  13. Im trying to avoid using it in the day time though because i dont like how it leaves my face , all flaky and the white cream thing. I think im just gonna do it at night.
  14. I was wondering if its really neccessary to do the regimen in the morning? i know it might give optimal results if u do it in the morning and at night but would it still give good results if I did just at night? I dont like the feeling of having to worry during the day if my face is looking all flaking and smudged so i prefer just to do it at night. I would rather just cleanse and moisterize in the morning and then at night do the whole regimen.