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  1. Use Vanicream Lotion and soap at night ask your doctor for some samples trust me I Know and use Aquaphor for the chap lips you can get that from walgreens
  2. I've been on Acutane 4 times! from age 20 to 25 and i'm currently using Acutane. Theres nothing like having clear skin I love it but the consequences you have to go through as a women, side effects having a not so healthy child Thats bad! Using Acutane is the best experince of my life but the worst chap lips,ringing in ear, and dry skin but I have special chap stick to cure that, once I started the product it improve within 5 days which is good but the pimples and the nodules come back thats why
  3. I've been on accutne 4 times its worked in like a 5 days but the pimples always come back. I don't think theres a cure for pimples, but a lot of prayer