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  1. cubscubs04

    Why is it...

    well i'm glad its not only me... do you guys think there's any way to make this effect last all day?
  2. cubscubs04

    Why is it...

    Almost every morning right when I wake up my scars are a lot less noticeable than at any other point throughout the day. I was wondering why this is. Is it because your face swells when youre sleeping? If there is a legitimate reason for this maybe there is some way to keep it up throughout the day. Any thoughts?
  3. cubscubs04

    glycolic peel

    Crap, I just scheduled a GA peel for tomorrow. The receptionist said there was no downtime at all, just my face might peel a little. I am going on vacation the next day. Do you think I should cancel the peel???
  4. cubscubs04

    TCA Peel or CROSS?

    Thanks for the input guys. I still don't know what I'm going to do... I just hate having to put my life on hold to deal with this bs, as I'm sure you all can relate.
  5. cubscubs04

    TCA Peel or CROSS?

    I'm going to my PS tomorrow to have a TCA Peel done. I have had two CROSSes done over the past 6 months and although my scars have reduced (I think) they are still apparent. I'm wondering if I should get another CROSS done or have a peel done??? I have some red marks that I would like to get rid of with the peel, but I still have some indentations that I'd like to correct with CROSS. However, this is probably the last TCA procedure that I will have in the forseeable future because I'm starti
  6. cubscubs04

    After TCA Peel/CROSS...

    I was wondering what everyone did during their downtime after having a TCA CROSS or a TCA peel done. Did you guys avoid friends/family and stay indoors? Or did you just go about everyday work/life and just suck it up? I've had cross done twice and I was pretty much a recluse for a week at school. But now that I'm done with college and temporarily living at home I can't really avoid my friends and family, and would rather not have to explain what I'm doing to my face. Any suggestions? In
  7. cubscubs04

    TCA Peel

    THANKS! Man I REALLY hate the downtime especially because I just got out of college and am around my family and hometown friends constantly. Maybe I should just have the peel done and go on a solo vacation. What do you guys think? Any suggestions on where to go?
  8. cubscubs04

    TCA Peel

    I think they are icepicks and boxcars. The cost has been $150 per session. Yes they were all done in Des Plaines IL.
  9. cubscubs04

    TCA Peel

    I have had two TCA CROSSes done over the past couple of months and although the indentations on my temples/cheeks look better, I would like to smooth out my face and get rid of some red marks. Thus, I think my next treatment will be a TCA Peel by my derm. Before I do I have some questions... - What results should I expect after one peel? - How long is the downtime? (given a strong percentage, i.e. 25%) - Will the peel leave any redmarks or will my face be generally red for a period of time
  10. Well, I unconciously scratched off the biggest TCA scab on my face in my sleep, revealing a red indent underneath. I have been applying neosporin to it all morning. Is there anything else I can do? This is so frustrating considering that the scar might be a lot worse than what it was before I had CROSS done. Also, have you guys thought of any ways that you can prevent from doing this in your sleep??? Thanks!
  11. cubscubs04

    Getting TCA Cross Done Tomorrow...

    Did you mean that the scabs came off quickly (and if so how quickly), because I heard that you should leave the scabs on as long as possible. How were your results? Again, thanks!
  12. cubscubs04

    Getting TCA Cross Done Tomorrow...

    Thanks for the responses guys. Keep em coming. What about topicals, should I apply aquaphor or moisturizer to the scabs or just leave em alone after washing my face? What are the benefits? Thanks again.
  13. Hey guys, I'm getting cross done for the second time tomorrow (finally) and the first time I did it I didn't use any topicals or supplements afterward. I was impressed with the results, but I was wondering if I should be taking anything to enhance the healing process (i.e. vitamins, lotions, etc.). Any of you seasoned vets please let me know what has worked well for you. Thanks!
  14. cubscubs04

    came so close to trying to kill myself

    Suicide is not the answer, there are so many other options before going that far. There are scar treatments out there that work. I was also very depressed about my scars, but after hitting rock bottom and getting some scar treatments I'm begininng to get my life back. Put your energy into fixing your scars and improving your mentality. There are many people on this board that are here to help or listen. Keep your head up!!!!