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  1. In the Hulda Clarke flush instructions they say mix lemon juice or grapefruit juice when taking olive oil. I've been slamming down 1/2 cup of olive oil then a half a cup of lemon juice. It's a bit sickly. Can I just drink the olive oil and leave it. Will i still get the decided effect.
  2. will205


    Hi, I Just want to share the results of two procedures that I had done last year and 2 months ago. Procedure 1 (18-08-03): Subcision followed by Roll – Cit needling on lower – middle front left cheek. Before: 2.5cm area sunken .05mm due to squeezing two large cysts in 1998 Post procedure topicals: Copper peptides, emu oil, aloe vera and eucalyptus oil Healing time: Had scabbing on my face for 2 months. Complications: Face would not heal. Scabs just kept reforming. Topicals used
  3. Raw honey. Best you can get is Manuka honey. If it has active or UMF+ then even better, because it acts like a medicine as well and can be used on cysts and wounds. This stuff is not cheap though, because it comes from New Zealand and Australia.
  4. Denise, what else besides the colonics did you do to bowel cleanse. Did you do any enemas. ie sticking a tube into your behind and pouring the enema solution into it. Seems a cheap alternative to colonics but it takes a bit of will power. By the way diet also hasn't worked for me. All i did was lose 7kg(I already was skinny) and i looked anorexic. It's just not worth it. Any longer then i would of ended up in hospital.
  5. Hi Denise. What do you mean by Bowel cleanse. To you mean colonics from a hydrotherapist or bowel cleanse from diet. If you keep taking pysillium husks and eating plenty of fibre which will cleanse out the bowel over time is this enough. I might need something to get rid of the parasites also assuming i have them.
  6. Anybody eliminated any food allergies due to flushing, such as intolerances to wheat, gluten or even sugar rich and fattly foods. I vaguely recall Denise saying she had eliminated her allergies. I've had no such luck as yet after 2 flushes.
  7. I had about 250ml of olive oil with 300ml of grapefruit juice the first flush. I felt nausea all night but didn't vomit. My second flush i had 160ml of oil and 160ml of lemon juice(4:1 in hot water) and i felt no nausea at all except i did choke up the last 15ml of oil because I had a break instead of slamming it down all together. After that i slept really well. Personally i can't stand grapefruit juice. It is sickly and bitter. Lemon juice is bitter as well but it doesn't have that sickly
  8. I'm eating a lot of good food, maybe not enough though. For 7+ years i have been eating chicken schnitzels, sausages, meat risoles, mince meat and steaks. Then 5 weeks ago i changed all that. Maybe my body is just going through shock. Hopefully i will gain more weight when my body adjusts to the new food program. I'm actually enjoying my meals more now. I have this good book with heaps of liver friendly recipes in it. Tonight i made fried rice which includes brown rice, shallots, ginger,
  9. I have organic museli and crunchy rice flakes, and sprinkle on top fibre cleanse powder, LSA(Linseed, soy and Almond mix) and psyllium. Both cereals also contain psyllium. Then i add walnuts and then banana and pear. Then i pour in light soy milk with added calcium. Then i eat!
  10. You can actually cleanse your liver by just eating healthy food. I have a book called the living cleansing diet and it maintains that you won't begin to see results until 2-3 months, so keep it up then decide whether to continue or not. I think my triggers are wheat and yeast. I still eat foods with these but not as much as before.
  11. Has anybody lost weight after their flush. I don't look or feel healthy at the moment. I have lost an extra 2kg post flush and all up 4.5kg since i started my no meat and dairy diet -5 weeks ago. I used to be [email protected] Now i am around 59kg. I look like a stick. everyone is saying how bad i look. I look very pale despite going in the sun daily. I thoght it might be lack of iron but everything i eat has iron in it.
  12. I don't go to bed until 12am does that mean i can eat at 9pm. ie 3 hours before i go to sleep. I'm a bit sceptical about this body food cycle thing. Just eat right and regularly and your body won't care. Eating dinner around 6pm-7pm is a hard task for me. I actually eat every 5-6 hours. ie 3 meals a day. I know that people say you should eat 5 small-medium meals a day, but i just can't do it. My life doesn't revolve around meals and eating at this and that time.
  13. I have given up dairy and my skin looks better. I used to eat loads of butter, milk and slices of cheese. I drink soy milk with organic museli, together with rice flakes with psyllium - yumm! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you don't like cereal(Heaven forbid) then eat fruit and a piece of toast (not white bread).
  14. Just did my flush last night (Sunday) and it was hell! I over did it as usual just to make sure. Here's my experience: On Saturday i ate a light breakfast and fasted on organic apple juice, both from the bottle and juiced. I did this to 3.15pm Sunday. I also had a light breakfast on this day. I changed the times around from Dr Clarke's schedule, to suit me, and started taking the epsom salts at 7.30pm. I juiced 1.3L of apple juice into a large jar and then decided to add 5 large tab
  15. I eat all that you mentioned MDW, and i also have the following: -lentil and chickpea burgers..yumm. You can buy these in supermarkets. -Raw nuts -can't stop eating them. I buy a 350g bag full with organic sultanas and mix both - both can be expensive. I eat the raw nuts with my green tea (Try not to have this after 3.00pm) and also I have a low fat or gluten free biscuit or cookie with my tea. -Millet or barley rice crackers with honey for spread. -Gluten free noodles with stir fry vege