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  1. Homecoming is in a week and I want to have clearer skin by then. I just hopped back on the regimen on Friday because my skin really needed it. I read up on the egg white mask, and I'm going to try it tonight. Does anyone have any advice on how to incorporate the egg white mask into the regimen? Should I apply it before the BP? After? Or not use it at all the nights I use the mask? Thanks guys.
  2. Westacious

    DKR Round 2

    So I was on the DKR for a year and a half. I stopped using the BP for one week at this is what happened to me. I just wanted to see if I could go without using the BP anymore. I was so wrong. I'm going to keep a log of my progress on the DKR for the first time, to see and show others my results!
  3. The worst problem I have with my acne is they pimples themselves stay on my skin longer than normal people, and they always leaves marks that never seem to fade. So if someone could recommend vitamin(s) that helps the recovery of acne, from the second the pimple forms to is disappearing. Or if vitamins aren't a the best help and eating some sort of food or something would help, I'd appreciate that too. And if anyone knows why I have this problem (such as some sort of deficiency or something
  4. I just message Dan again about Acne.org t-shirts seeing as he never replied to me the first time. If I don't get word back or he doesn't think it'll be a good idea, I'm gonna go to a custom t-shirt shop and get one made for myself.
  5. Everything is still going great! I still have red marks from before, but the AHA is supposed to help with that, and I'll take marks over active acne any day. Now I'm waiting for Dan to put out Acne.org shirts so I can spread the word and support the cause.
  6. This is an interesting article but like the poster said himself, everyone's skin is different. I've been on the Regimen strictly for 2 months, with some AHA+ included, and my skin is completely acne free. The AHA+ is good for elimating flakyness, but drinking water is definitely what's best for keeping my skin flake free.
  7. I was planning on using the AHA+ twice a day because I like it so much, and I bought a lot of it, but Dan only uses it twice a day so I didn't know if there was a reason not to use it day and night. I bought two tubes of it, so I have plenty to use. Can I use the AHA+ twice a day to moisturize?
  8. So here I am about too months into the Regimen and... NO MORE ZITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its so awesome. I can't believe it my skin hasn't been this clear for a year! Of course I have acne marks now but who cares! No more pimples! If anyone hasn't tried the Regimen and you've struggled with acne...DO THE REGIMEN! Stick close to it, and keep at it for months. It'll work wonders you won't even believe. My skin is so important to me so acne destroyed my self esteem and made me miserabl
  9. I've heard some great things about the AHA so I'm psyched to try it. I didn't moisturize this morning and my skin was so dry first period, I got some moisturizer from a friend, so I was good after that. Lesson learned...
  10. So I'm over a month into the Regimen now, and I've had great results. I have almost no active acne anymore, but I have very pale/sensitive skin so I have bad marks. That's ok though they'll dissipate with time. My face has been really dry lately, so I'm gonna start moisturizing again at night. And when I order my products the next time around, I'm gonna try me some AHA.
  11. So after 3 weeks, A lot of my acne is gone. My face is nearing the end of acne, but of course I have some red marks I will wait to fade. Plus I'm super pale so they're really prominent, but hey I'll take marks over erupting aggravated pimples any way. I have like four pimples in a line right next to each other on my right check, which leads me to believe that I got something on my face or slept on something, so I'm not too worried about it
  12. I really hope this stuff works for you I'm not sure what you've already tried, but you should definitely do the Acne.org Regimen it works wonders. But if you like what you have, you should at least try the moisturizer, with you saying yours balls up, the Acne.org Moisturizer is very thin.
  13. Actually I just messaged Dan about this a week ago so maybe something will come up ^^
  14. I've been on the DKR for about 3 weeks now and I'm seeing some great results but... Obviously I still get some pimples from time to time and they ALWAYS come in pairs. I'll get two really small ones right next to each other that heal in like 2 days. Why does that happen?
  15. Good luck You seem very optimistic about your improvement, which will definitely help