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  1. The same thing Happened to me. It doesnt make any sense. I started breaking out when I started eating healthier: tofu, soy meats and soy cheeses, tons of veggies, soy milk and a shit load of water (I cant even remember the last time I had a sugary drink). My skin was perfect when my diet consisted of fast foods, tons and tons of soda, chips, fried foods and much more. It was pretty bad, I ate this way for years, my skin litterally glowed it was gorgious (I must say). My dad always tells
  2. Hey, if you're still using this site adam08 i would apprechiate if you could sent some before and after pics of your sucess with the caveman regimen. thanks
  3. It is probably because you used the bathroom more, and emptied the toxics out your body daily. that is why i think most bigger people have clear skin.
  4. how about washing with just water and then putting on sun cream? that will help your skin alot because it protects it from the suns rays, wheather or not it's sunny. that's what i'm trying now. I think sa will dry your skin, yes.
  5. well it says ingredients: carbonated natural mineral water it contains per litre: calcium 27mg; magnesium 6.9mg; potassium <1.0mg; sodium 6.6mg; bicarbonate 103mg; sulphate 10.6mg; nitrate <2.5mg; floride <0.1mg; chloride 6.4mg; sillicate 7.6mg and then it says ph 4.6. do you think this would be safe to use to cleanse my face? I am trying to use barely anything on my face, like the caveman regimen although with water just high ph water. applied with cotton wool.
  6. hey, thanks for the replys. what i mean though is how come this carbonated water is acidic, when it sodium bicabonate in it? when sodium bicarbonate is alkaline? acne_battle: i apply it to cotton wool and put it on my face, so i don't waste it atall really.
  7. I want to start using low ph water to cleanse my face. So i found carbonated water with a ph of 4.6 so i thought i would give that a try. Although i was thinking, baking soda is pretty Alkiene and can dry out and damage your skin...isn't carbonated water (soda water) the same as baking soda in water? but this bottled carbonated water is meant to have a ph of 4.6. how can this be? i'm confused, can someone explain this to me? is carbonated water different to water and baking soda?
  8. yeh i agree too, way too much stuff! your acne isn't bad, please stop before it may get worse! the avc is good i'd say try just a gentle 5.5 ph wash and acv. do that for a while and i'm sure your skin will improve
  9. I'd say it isn't a good idea since sea water is very alkiline and it will disturpt the ph level of your skin which should be slighty acidic to combat bacteria. 5.5 is the ph level for healthy skin, sea water is around 8.
  10. I was thinking that because it's important to keep your skin at a 5.5 ph level, then water that is too alkaline could irritate the skin, as many people have said here that even water irritates their skin, it could well be that their tap water is too alkaline, or too acid for that matter. So i have found out my tap water here in scotland is around 7.2 in ph which is slightly alkaline. i'm not sure how to raise the ph of water, does anyone know i was wondering if adding vinegar in the water for
  11. I have realised the more products you apply to your skin the worse it generally will become. It can help your skin in the short term but it ends up making the condition of your skin worse, it many ways, (acne dry skin, aging of skin ect) I have tried so many things, and for a long while have realised that is it improtant to keep your skin at a ph of 5.5 as it's prefered by the acid mantle of your skin. I have tried the caveman regimen, and while i agree and belive in the basic idea of it (not
  12. hey, thanks for the pic comment, your kitten is very cute, you too!

  13. wow really good make-up skills. You're really pretty too btw, lovely eyes
  14. yeh all the time! My skin is so smooth and soft feeling yet really doesn't look that way because of blackheads acne and red marks left. i am using ACV as a toner right now and i think it is helping improve the look of the red marks Give it a try, but start off with only 50/50 AVC and water and see if your skin can tolerate it. I have uped my % of AVC after i used it for a few weeks.