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  1. I am considering this product but the problem is that the reviews don't swing one way, it's completely even with good reviews and bad ones. I was hoping anyone that used this product (& got good or bad results) could give me a little information about their skin type before using it and how it is now. I just don't want to try a product that will make my skin worse ... so I'm hoping that others with my skin type have gotten good results. I KNOW that everyone's skin is different, but stil
  2. I have been through numerous over-the-counter products that haven't done much for my skin. Today I began to think that maybe, just maybe, over-the-counter products aren't enough... I mean, acne starts from the inside right... so it should be cured from in there I'm guessing? I DON'T KNOW So, has anyone had any major improvements or become completely clear by ONLY over-the-counter products ?
  3. I have two cetaphil cleansers, the bar and the pump bottle but they have stopped improving my skin. As for BP I use Spectro which is awesome but I'd like to replace my cleansers. Any Suggestions? Please include prices
  4. I have seriously bad acne, and it's incredibly embarrassing. Right now I use to cetaphil gentle cleansing bar, cetaphil gentle cleanser for oily skin and the spectro benzoyl peroxide, no moisturizer cause my skin is oily. The benzoyl peroxide is awesome and the cetaphil is okay, at first they improved my skin but haven't for the past few weeks. I have tried the : St. Ives Apricot Scrub Neutrogena oil-free cream cleanser An olay cleanser - I forget the title - it was in a purple tube Spectro Acn
  5. I desperately need a solution to my acne. It's quite severe. My mom decided that finally we would get a prescription but she's left it up to me to find a few that I could try. Obviously I have heard such good things about Accutane and I want to try it. But I hear it can be really expensive because you need to use it for a year? Anyone in Toronto that has bought this product? Please tell me the cost.. & Does anyone know for sure the ranges of how long you need to take it and maybe how often