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  1. The picture doesn't show, so here is an uploaded image of the bump.
  2. Hi, I have this weird bump on the side of my left nostril. I have no idea what it is, though I'm suspecting that it is some sort of mole. I had it for about two and a half years now. It hasn't really changed in any way over those years. I can't recall how I got it in the first place...it seemed like it just spontaneously appeared there...anyways. How do I get rid of it? Below is a picture of the bump.
    -It was on sale. -Nice bottle. -Convenient. -It made my face peel off. -It made my face feel wrinkly when I made face expressions. -It dried out my face overall. If you don't have much acne, it is probably the worst moisturizer EVER. It dries out your face and it makes your face feel very wrinkly. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IF YOU HAVE LITTLE ACNE.
  3. This morning, I was laughing and the humongous pimple on my chin popped. I decided it was best to get rid of all the pus so I got a couple Q-tips and gently squeezed out everything else. Unfortunately, there was a lot of left over yellowish liquid inside the pimple and it kept leaking. Meanwhile, I kept squeezing out the yellowish pus. I finally gave up, and applied rubbing alcohol over the area. Yet I can't help but think that I'll have that huge bump on my chin for a very long time. I rarely g
  4. OMG, long time no talk! How're you?

  5. I've been trying out the Olay Witchhazel Toner and my skin's been improving.

  6. ola! thanx for being my new friend! How your skin progress? i jz started the regimen for 3 weeks n i cn see my skin tend to b better. =)

  7. Thank you very much!

  8. hi, there! Love your topics =)

  9. Very interesting, I might go to that website if I'm not too busy. So cool you study Spanish in Bulgaria. So how is it living in Bulgaria?

  10. But skip the interval between "n" and "e" in .net I think it's a anti-spam protection. And this was the problem with your mail :D

  11. Ups, sorry, the below link is not working. This is the link: http://www.reggaetonline.net/reggaeton-radio.php You can see the whole site, too. For info, lyrics, etc. P.s.: I study in Spanish high school here in the capital of Bulgaria :)