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  1. I just got my EDM sample kit yesterday after hearing about it on various posts here, and tried it this morning. I am very satisfied with the colors i chose, I was using bare minerals and that wasnt enough coverage so i used MAC concealer underneath, but with this everyday minerals i didnt need it at all! the multi-tasking concealer looks good, i have so many red scars, so i'm pretty happy!
  2. thanks ! i really appreiciate your thoughts on this
  3. if you have any input and personal experiences using Mederma gel for scarring, or something else PLEASE HELP! I want to try it because i realized that i do have several breakouts but there's really more very red post breakout marks that are making it look much worse that it is, they look slightly raised and they are not indented scars, The most important thing is if i use it for fading, will it cause me to have more breakouts? Because then i definently don't want to try it i just want go
  4. hopeless1


    i'm just skeptic because it sounds like its some miracle worker, and just wondering if it really does work. i've never heard of it until today when someone asked if i tried it, and in 9 years of having acne i dont know anything about it. Is it just a cream, or a face wash? i'm interested
  5. hello, i have very bad acne it's very red, my face is dry and oily . for make up this is what works for me : first wash my face, then apply Aveeno Daily Radiant Moisturizer, i pat MAC "select coverup" concealer (oil-free) on acne and then i use bare minerals. the Soft Brush that comes in the kit for applying it is really great. i cant use the bare minerals by it self, it doesnt give enough coverage but these steps do help with looking more natural the aveeno mositurizer is really good f