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  1. Nope :snooty: , I would just like to get some feedback from former "high-dose" accutane users.
  2. It's illegal to ask if anyone has taken a high dose of accutane ? Your closing my threads based on my first question. Back to my LEGAL question, Has anyone been PRESCRIBED a high dose of accutane for a shorter time period as opposed to a lower dose for a longer period of time, Thank You.
  3. I would call my doctor if I were you, a few people have had the same problem, also try drinking more water.
  4. Hello everyone, My first time on acne.org, seems like the best place to come for this kind of advice so here goes... A little about myself, Ive got rid of my facial acne and now im left with some really bad red/brown marks (PIH) Ive done 30% glycolic acid peels in the past, Ive layered the 30% glycolic acid peel to achieve a frost (which i did) skin turned brown, and started peeling a few days later (I kind of helped the peeling process and started pulling off pieces of skin, BAD idea!) neverth