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    Love or hate me because i promise it won't make or break me.
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    Just moved to Iowa.
  1. ADI!!!! You haven't been on here in forever!!

    1. So we're you! haha. Nice to meet you=)

      1. Hello. You were on the chat!

        1. it possilby could, just be careful about it
        2. it possilby could, just be careful about it
        3. it possilby could, just be careful about it
        4. Just make sure you wash your face before you go to bed, its hazardous not too
        5. OH, this definitely happens to me. My hair stylist is busy, so i wonder if sometimes because she's so busy that she doesn't take her time....i don't hold it against her because she's busy, but when the hair gets cut weird. it looks awful
        6. there will be the people that ignore it and see into your personality, and the people that do notice it andtell you about it. those people are the sad kind
        7. Don't listen to them exactly. Some people will ridicule others just because they feel bad. Show them it doesn't bother you. You are fine