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  1. I finished my second course of Accutane a month ago, and my skin is clear and smooth. I am wondering if anyone has experienced using Retin-A cream after doing Accutane and what your experience has been. I am interested in using it purely for maintenance. As I've stated, I am not currently breaking out, but I'm scared that it might make me breakout. I used Retin-A years ago and I had horribly adverse effects on my skin, but then again, I was already breaking out like crazy back then. Any adv
  2. Well, I am breaking out again. I don't really know if this is an IB, though. It just seems to be another one of my scheduled flare-ups. It's weird, because during my first treatment, I can vividly remember what my last bad breakout looked like before my skin cleared. They were painful pimples around my mouth, mostly on my bottom lip. Well, this breakout is very similar. So maybe this is a sign that it will be my last breakout for a while just like my first treatment! Haha. Here's hoping,
  3. This Thursday will mark the end of my first month on round 2 of Accutane. So far, things are great. My skin is starting to dry up, which for me really means that it's approaching normalcy (since I am usually very oily). It's also pretty dang clear (relative to what it's been for the past 5 months). My lips are starting to feel really chapped and dry, which is annoying of course, but nothing I can't handle for the sake of pretty skin!
  4. Day 17 Update: My lips are starting to get really dry and my face is starting to look a little red. These are my main side effects as of now. My skin is actually looking pretty good. I'm still breaking out a little bit, but nothing terrible. The overall texture of my skin is actually looking pretty smooth. I love this stuff!
  5. One week down! My lips are starting to become pretty dry (and chapped). The other side effect I am currently experiencing is an increase in oiliness (this happened to me during my last course, also). My face is actually looking alright. I have one active (and painful!) pimple on the bottom of my lip. Other than that, my face is "clear" (i.e. there are visible red marks from recent breakouts, but no other actives). The texture of my skin is actually starting to look a little bit smoother.
  6. Start of Day 5 Well kids, tonight I will be taking my 5th pill of my second dose. So far, so good. I am still breaking out (duh), and I'm already starting to feel my lips becoming dry. Other than that, not much has changed. I will update again soon! Good luck to my fellow accutane users.
  7. UGH i am having a bad breakout right now. It's probably due to the stress of school. Two more days until Accutane is mine again...thank goodness!
  8. Wow, this past month has flown by...only one more week until I start Accutane again. I can't wait! I will do my best to track my progress on here
  9. Thanks! Good luck to you! How is this course compared to the last? Did it take 4 months last time for you to see results? I hope this time it lasts for you!
  10. Wow, we are very similar! How funny. Yes, let's keep each other posted! How are things going so far? Any noticeable changes in the 2 weeks? And I know exactly how you feel about Accutane...I am so happy that my derm let me go back on! It's the only thing that has ever worked for me, as well. Good luck!
  11. Hello! When I did my first course of Accutane, I used the following: Aquaphor (for lips) Almay moisturizer for normal/combo skin w/SPF 15 (day) Cetaphil moisturizer (night) Everyday Minerals foundation That was pretty much it. I didn't use primer because I never have. The Almay moisturizer pretty much was my make-up primer. On days that I was particularly dry, I would also use the Cetaphil before applying my make-up. I actually found that it was a pretty decent primer for my foun
  12. I will be starting my second round of accutane on February 24th. I am going to try my best to keep a log on here for myself and for others who might be interested to read it. I am a 24 year old female who has been dealing with mild to moderate facial acne for 10 years. After trying various antibiotics, topicals, drugstore products, BC, diet changes, etc...I finally did Accutane from May-Sept 2009. The results were A-MAZING. My skin cleared within a couple months and was literally perfect un
  13. Congrats on your progress! My story is very similar to yours. I have tried many of the remedies you have, and ohmyGOSH when you talk about obsessing over bad lighting you are describing my thoughts exactly. I can't handle the way my face looks at certain angle. Anyway, I finally did Accutane about a year and a half ago and it was a miracle. My skin was PERFECT for over a year. I am back on this website because, unfortunately, my acne has returned and I am now pursuing a second course of Acc
  14. Hey everyone, Has anyone on here used antibiotics and/or topicals post Accutane? If so, have they worked? I am feeling really discouraged right now. I went to the derm today to request going on a second course of Accutane and was dissuaded by my doctor. Instead, I was prescribed Doxycycline and topical Retin-A. I explained to her that I have used both of these treatments (as well as others) prior to Accutane and they never worked. Moreover, Retin-A gave me the WORST IB ever and it never
  15. Thanks for the feedback! I should have specified that yes, I was referring to physical exfoliation as opposed to chemical. Funny you should mention Paula's Choice. I actually do use her 1 % BHA lotion every morning. It just hasn't done anything to control the flakiness. I have tried both the liquid solution and the gel, but I prefer the texture of the lotion.