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  1. Of course in the beginning the BP burned but I used olive oil and a cetaphil moisturizer with it. Then my skin adjusted and I had no problems with any OTC moisturizers. However when I used the Regimen moisturizer it burned my skin and turned it very red and it hurt. I couldn't give it time to adjust because thats how bad it was. I don't know if I'm allergic to it or there's some kind of chemical reaction but I really wanted to use the regimen moisturizer because the OTC ones that I was using wer
  2. it's one of dan's recommended cleansers and so far it hasn't broken me out in a week. i am stiill worried though.
  3. i recently bought the purpose gentle cleansing bar because my budget is tight and i needed a cheaper cleanser. the problem is that whenever i wash my face with it, after i rinse it off, there is a film left on my skin. my skin doesn't feel smooth to the touch but instead there's a lot of friction. i wonder if that could prevent products like bp or moisturizers to be absorbed in my skin.
  4. Have you experienced the same thing? ( the burning of the eyes I mean) I have batch 0181
  5. I started on the regimen almost two years ago and it worked really well for me. Unfortunately, I began to slack on using it every day like I should and I also developed a terrible habit of popping my zits. I honestly cannot go a day without popping a pimple. My face has red marks ALL over and now its getting me depressed. I use bare minerals to cover up. Also I should mention that one of my main reasons for slacking is due to the fact that when I put on the BP, it burns my eyes every single time
  6. been on the regimen for over a year and it works great but the recent bottle i ordered and have used twice now burns my eyes when i put on my skin. i've already read the faq saying why the bp might feel, smell, different but my eyes sting so bad its almost like onions. i'm posting this because maybe someone can tell me if it'll eventually go away or if i could by a different bp. thanks.
  7. My jojoba oil is past the expiration date but it looks ok so can I still use it? By the way the regimen is going great for me
  8. Hey everyone. I did this recipe exactly as it says but it still tasted like baby spinach. Any idea on what I could add to reduce the spinachy taste?
  9. Alright I will. Thanks for your replies I really appreciate it.
  10. Could I also try using the BP without the moisturizer for about a week and then start using the moisturizer again?
  11. Hmm, that makes sense. I honestly don't want to continue the moisturizer because the irritation feels unbearable. I've read that emu oil can help with the irritation and moisturize the skin too, should I try it?
  12. l No infact when it dries it's much worse. Like I said in my post first it's very red. I tried using vaseline or olive oil as alternatives but they still sting around my mouth. I don't know about Dan's moisturizer I might try it but I'm skeptical.
  13. I've been on the regimen for a about a week and a half and I'm up to a full pump of BP now. The BP doesn't irritate at all but once I appy the moisturizer my face gets red and has an awful irritated feeling. Mostly my cheeks get red and especially around my nose and mouth but also the other areas of my face. The moisturizer I'm using is the Cetaphil lotion. I read the FAQ where it says that there may be minor stinging or burning but in my case it's more moderate. Will my skin get used to this or