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  1. darken

    Long term side effects of BP

    wow this seems serious, i hope that cancer tmor thing dosnt happen to me.....but who know maybe of differ on test subjects....
  2. whats a good pore cleanser, because i hate these bumps on my nose, they are not blackheadas but their not like acne bumps either, i squeeze them and like a little qhite thing comes out, what could i use tot clear those out??
  3. ok well i bought the .5% cylicic acid bar soap,the 10% bp face wash, and the 2% cylicic acid cleansing pads. well what ive been doing is washing my face with the soap for about 30-1 min,the washing it off, waiting till my face was dry the using the wash for about 30-1m, wait till it was dry and then using the cleasing pad. i wondering if those are the best setps or do i re-do those steps and in the regime dan says to wash your face with the bp for only 10 secs,is there a difference between 1min and 10 secs, because i think thats too short of a wash and waste of bp for only 10 secs..
  4. well ive been using oxy for about 1 week now and i guess my face is beter, cant tell a difference, but ive been using the .5% cilicic acid soap, the 10$ bp wash and the 2% cilicic cleasing pads. but i saw some clearasil products and they saw garanteed results, and i was wondering which one was better?
  5. is that true?like if you masturbate and you have acne it releases this things that makes you have breakouts and such
  6. what is the best acne treatment for moderate acne like mine? and it cant be proactive,velocity,clean and clear advantage cuz non of those work for me
  7. Hello its me again with another question.i have moderate acne like 1 whitehead and little clusters of redones on each side of my face and my forehead. and i was wondering if velocity would do me any good.i started using it for about 2 weeks now but i dont see a noticeble difference, and my friend started using oxy and hes acne cleared away. so i want to use that but i dont know if u should give up and go to oxy or is there a very good acne treament that is not pro active,clean an clear advantage kit or velocity? -thanks -DARKEN
  8. for example i started using clean and clear advantage ki.t didnt work for nothing, so like i then immediatly the next day i switched to proactive , and was only two days after using advantage kit, so i was using pro-active for about 2 weeks now but it made my acne worse i got new solitary random pimples , (big ones too). so today my friend gave me velocity and i had applied pro-active in the morning my friend gave me the velocity and when i got home i washed my face and put the velocity on (this is the same day). so iw as wondering if switching between products like that bad? is that bad or does it affect my face in any way? am i in grave danger of messing up my face? plz asnwer me quick thanks