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  1. ruski and carrie 54: Thanks for stopping in and for your warm and sincere welcome! I know EXACTLY how you all feel. It helped so much just to read your posts and be able to identify with them and not feel alone. Each person has their own way to express and explain what changes have manifested in their lives but it all seems to boil down to being a changed person with a drastically changed life. Hose3cu: That is something to go so many years clear and then.......disaster. I know what it's lik
  2. Hi. Thank you for responding and explaining your situation. Seems that you fight your insecurities daily too. I know what you mean, friend. The struggle is that although we do this mental exercise and fight faithfully (out of necessity, will, and determination) it seems to fail sometimes. We tell ourselves that the only thing that matters is who we are and that we can do all the things that others do. That, it is up to us how we approach and overcome this. That, if we miss out it's ou
  3. Hi everybody. So pleased to find this board. I have lurked here for some time and have decided to join in with you -if you will have me, LOL. Before I talk about me and my struggle...... I wish to thank all of you for sharing your deepest feelings, pains, and successes. Your stories and experiences give hope and comfort to others. This kind of support can be a life saver. I feel so similar to so many of you here. It is an amazing thing to have people to turn to in what can be a very difficult