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  1. I too got a chem. burn once from ACV. I made to mistake of leaving it on over night with emu oil on top. stupid i know. I should have just put cooking grease on a fire. That's what it felt like. Once I realized it was a burn I put straight 100% aloe on it and it peeled like crazy for a few days but it went away. the red mark stayed around for a few weeks though. I would recommend aloe at night and once the burn is gone try delna's regimen for the left over red mark. Just be sure to dilut
  2. Update: Red marks still fading fast. Two spots are completely gone. I'm so psyched! This is the best regimen ever!
  3. Delna, Thank you for giving me my face back!!!! I went off the birth control pill a few months ago and my skin freaked out. I had cysts and awful acne. The red marks left have been horrible. I have used every product that I've read about on this site: tea trea oil, hydrocortizone cream, emu oil, aloe, ACV, BP, SA, Retin A (which gave me worse red marks), Bactroban, hot compresses, ice, and every kind of "gentle cleanser" and moisterizer out there! I just got nucelle's mandelic acid and ha
  4. well i just had a visit with my derm again. I pulled out some big old crocodile tears and he actually stayed in the room until I got up to leave! WOW! so all it took was a little boo hooing. I didn't start breaking out until about a month ago. He asked me what was going on in my life etc. He figured it was the fact that I went of the birth control pill about 5 months ago. He gave me some Retin A. But I'm scared to use it. I've heard you get a nasty initial break out from it. I'm not s
  5. First of all when ever I schedule an appt. with my derm they act like I'm privillaged not to be waiting six months for the appt. When I go in I sit in the exam room for a minimum of 20 min. The doc comes in and looks at my skin for maybe 2 seconds and then leaves to bring me samples of things. They have worked for the most part but I always feel like I have to hurry to get my questions in. I'm never satisfied with the answers and I usually leave more confused than when I came in. He's n
  6. A NOURIVA REPAIR UPDATE: The "dent" on my nose is almost completely gone. Tomorrow will be one week of using Nouriva repair. I called my pharmacy and they ordered the stuff for me (you don't need a prescription). I thought it would be like $18 for the tube but it was only $5.99! It's a big tube too. It should last for a really long time. The pharmacy was able to get it overnight. Much quicker and cheaper than ordering online. It's worth the six bucks, especially if you have the habit of
  7. I'm not sure if I posted this in the right forum or not. It sounds like the people who visit the Scar Forum get pretty upset about hearing about "miracle creams" and the like. I only posted it because when I first found this sight I was looking for an answer. I have gotten some great info here and I will continue to search threads before buying and trying any products but unfortunately I have found that it is rare to read posts about things that work. For every post that says "hey this stu
  8. sorry but I'm not sure if this product will work for you. The zit/hole that i had was a lesion. I'm a picker! It started out as a zit (like a white black head if that makes any sense) that I squeezed to death. When it looked like it was drying up I peeled the skin away around it hoping that it would flatten out enough to at least put make up on it and have it look somewhat normal. Well the zit kept refilling with oil and in the middle was this white fiber like thing that looked like a deep
  9. yeah, he said to just use it on the lesions. That was on Tuesday. He said that by the weekend my skin should be healed. So far so good. He also gave me such a small tube (a sample) that I could only use it on the lesions anyway. But I'm thinking of buying myself a tube. He also gave me Aquanil - a very gentle cleanser - says it's soap free. Seems to be working. It makes my skin feel smooth and supple.
  10. I had a pimple on the top of my nose that wouldn't go away. It just kept producing oil and it looked like a huge ice pick type scar was going to be the result. I BP'd it to death, and tried every concievable way of drying the thing out. Finally I went to my derm and he told me that the reason it kept producing oil was because my skin was trying to heal. So he gave me this sample of Nouriva Repair which has the consistency of toothpaste. NO it's even thicker than that. He said put it on f
  11. I found this stuff called Palmer's Scar Serum. The main ingredients are Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E oil and Shark oil. Has anyone had any luck with this.
  12. when you feel the beginning of a cyst put ice on it as often as you can. Sleep with hydrocortizone cream (Cortaid - in the drug store, used for rashes) on it covered with a bandaid. Use a huge glob of it. I did this and my cyst went away in less than five days. no scars.
  13. OMG I'm the same way. When I go out I'm like the life of the party. I think I'm pretty good looking so when I get a horrible zit or two or three or more (like now!) I get so down about it. My mom thinks I'm a perfectionist and maybe I am. But anyway, when I feel self-conscious I don't act like myself and people give me a hard time about. I get the "what's wrong?", "why are you so down tonight?" or "is it boy toubles?" (god I hate that one). I'm usually so upbeat that it's like people can'