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  1. OK... no one ever responds to my posts. I need some type of information to help me out in these past couple of days. Please, if you know what is going on.... respond for me. Well I was on acutane for 5 months (november 04 - April 05) And it cleared my acne up 100%, but left me with some scars that im not worrying about for now. About 3 weeks ago I started getting VERY oily skin again and some bumps (whiteheads) here and there but nothing too major because they would be gone within a day or som
  2. Anyone with oily skin use these 2 combo's? I use duac during the say with some moisturizer soemtimes and then differin at night without any moisturizer. Im not going to say its working really good because i always jinx myself but has anyone used this and got them clear? Does your skin get VERY oily? Mine does and im afraid i will break out because my skin is VERYYYYYYYYYY oily. Looks like sweat almost....
  3. I wash in the morning, wait a few mins then apply duac 5% bp. I wait a few mins then apply Cetaphil Moisturizer. Is going into direct sunlight for example.... take a jog or wash the car which involves sweating, goign to affect my face? I was on acutane from november 04 to march 05 and it cleared everything. Cept now i have been getting really oily skin and bumps coming here and there maybe because the 100+ degree weather while 95% humidity..... So i started to use duac gel w/ cetaphil moisturi
  4. I was on acutane from nov 04 to march 05. my face cleared up pretty nice and rarely had any bumps come up for months untill now. only was left with some red marks and some scars but it wasnt too bad i guess. Its been really hot and humid lately here and ive been sweating alot lately. I'm also starting to get some bumps here and there, more than normall and some are getting bigger and bigger and more areas are starting to get infected. I use duac gel at night and during the day. I ran out of diff
  5. can ya guys tell me what kind of scarring i have
  6. well its been 4-5 months after i finished my tane and im pleased because i dont get acne anymore well sometimes like one or two come up here and there once in a great while but its been really good. now i just have some bad scarring that i need to get fixed.
  7. ok ive been reading this lemon juice and vinegar procedure but im still not 100% sure on how to do it. can someone please explain to me step by step what to do every morning and night to see if this helps. I have some redness from my past acne since i went on the acutane. and i have some pretty big scars too. Ok again please someone explain on how to do this. What brand vinegar.... how much lemon juice should i squeeze to the glass of water etc etc. how to do the vinegar/water on my face etc etc
  8. Ok, I suffered from severe acne from the age of 13-17 the worst 4 years of my life. I tried everything, eventually acutane which cleared everything. I get a few bumps here and there once in a while but other than that... thank god its finally over... I HOPE (knock on wood). Its been about 5-6 months sinec I got off of the tane, and I'm left with these awful scars. I'm interested in the whole laser thing but I dont know much about it. Can you tell me what kind of scars I have and what is the best
  9. my forhead is ok but not great. other than that im almost completly clear. just alottttttttttttttttttt of redmarks,
  10. no one reads. who cares. im not posting no more. btw i woke up this morning and my whole lower face (near neck/chin) area was completly clear. all that was there was just the redmarks. 80mg dose is awesome. havnt broken out sinec i started taking it. (5 days ago) and all its doing is jsut working alot faster. ownage!
  11. i finished my first month. im on day 31,32, or 33 maybe 34 and my derm upped my dose to 80. ok well hrrmmmm not mch as improved i still have alot of dried up acne everywhere and some new fresh acne other places. alot of clear skin patches around my forhead/chin/cheeks. still nothing dramitic. cya