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  1. Day 41: I skipped BP tuesday, but I am still 99% clear.. Er new pimple on my forehead.. :/ But not on my back
  2. Hi.. I am getting a tattoo in a couple of days.. Therefore I have stopped using the Benzoyl Peroxide in 3 days.. I am 99% clear after 40days on the regimen.. But .. I am a little afraid that I might get some pimples in these 3 days.. What should I do ? Is it good enough if I wash my skin with a mild/gentle cleanser 3 times per day ? Or will this not be enough ? Maybe some silicol skin ( I have some tubes on layer ) please answer
  3. Day 38: NO new pimples the last 4 days! But my skin is VERY DRY.. Maybe I will not use the BP on tuesday.. My skin needs that.. But well, I am very happy with the results
  4. thanks sammydixo Day 35: One pimple has shown its ugly face . But except that I'm 99% clear My skin is still irritated - Hope it will go away.. I am using Benzoyl Peroxide 10% as a spot treatment, and it is soooooooo nice Nothing much to report, except for the 1 pimple
  5. I have now used Dans BP and then CeraVe moisturizer.. It is great ! After 1 month, I am 90% clear
  6. Day 31: The huge pimple has dried out with help from the BP :] NO ACTIVE cysts/pimples/heads etc.. - ergo. No Active Acne right now At the moment I am using CeraVe moisturizing lotion as my moisturizer, because it is much more moisturizing than Olay.. I use the Olay in the morning though, cause the CeraVe will make your face a bit greasy/shiny.. My skin is still a bit itchy, but not dry at all (thanks to the CeraVe )
  7. Never judge from ONE pore clogging ingredient.. As Brandy has told me, You have judge and see how all the ingredients work with each other.
  8. Badgeman. Thanks for your add :] Well, I have never considered my skin as sensitive, but actually i am a little unknown about it.. Someone would say that I am maybe allergic to the BP, but with these results I will offer very much. The fact that you are using bp 10% will make it much more worse , because mine is 2,5%.. and it is prooven that the 2,5% has the same effect, BUT are much less irritating etc.. The first week I did not have itchy skin, but after that I begun to feel the dryness.. T
  9. Hi. Well, I use BP without cleansing my skin everytime.. I only use cleanser when shower.. Maybe it would work better with a cleanser, but I have fine results without
  10. can I use CeraVe and Olay at the same time ? fx.. CERAVE in the morning OLAY in the middle of the day CERAVE IN THE evening ? OR CAN IT CAUSE TROUBLE ?
  11. Day 23: My skin is still very itchy, but after being carefull putting the BP on, it has not been that bad.. My face is amazingly clear ! Looking at the skin, you would NEVER believe that I have had anything else than perfect skin ! My back is still clearing more and more up.. But there are still some imperfections, but I think that within a week or two, it will be good Except from the itchy and irritating skin, I am very pleased with the results so far PLEASE LET IT CONTINUE AMAZING SKIN
  12. I would recommend the Purpose Gentle cleanser (liquid edition)
  13. Im sure that Dans cleanser is fantastic, but I self use the Purpose liquid gentle cleanser.. And it is very gentle an very good ! So i think its a close call between two wonders
  14. Day 20: As you know, I have recently started using BP on my face only 1 time af day.. And I have had a few pimples yesterday.. I think that is because of that.. but no big deal.. My skin is VERY itchy! argghhh.. And 2 days ago I could not hold back.. I scratched my back, and it turned out not to be good.. My back got red, irritated, got a few pimples on the area, and very dry skin.. Like, it is VERY easy to scratch some of your skin off.. :S Well, that was a lesson and I will not do it agai
  15. I ordered mine Olay complete .... from vitasprings.com/ - and there you find 6oz bottles