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    * art<br />* God <3<br />* anime<br />* cartoons<br />* my boyfriend <br />* reading: sci-fi mostly<br />* japanese culture<br />* music: metal mainly<br />* graphic arts<br />* cake decorating<br />* cooking<br />* cosplay (dressing up)<br />
  1. lazytulip

    thank goodness for make-up...

    pics of me with make-up on, thank goodness for make-up :D
  2. yes STRESS definitely makes my acne worse, so we all need to be positive and not worry so much about it, but easier said than done... :\
  3. WOW thanks everyone for your tips and support, truly mad me feel 100% better. THANKS SOOO MUCH
  4. Hello all, I've always had some pimples, here and there, but as I get older, (I'm 25 now) I seem to be getting MORE acne than ever And it is not just the little pimples that can easily be covered by makeup, these are the really big and painful kind! Anyone else having this same problem? I wouldn't be so upset, but I am the very self consious type, so needless to say, the acne ruins my whole day or even week... please help, give me some encouragement... Thanks, Leah
  5. your very welcome ;D

    I'm glad to of made your day. Hope all is well with you. Take it easy.

    1. thanks for the picture comment ^.^ made my day!

      1. No problem :) If you need anyone to talk to or feel you need to talk to someone, you can talk to me :D

        1. thanks cakes^_^ i need all the encouragement and comfort i can get
        2. thanks for caring cakes ^_^

          1. so i called out of work today because my zits are swollen and won't cover with make-up... sounds terrible doesn't it?
          2. i think this sounds wonderful. i would love to do this to get out all the toxins in my body and feel new again, then start on a good diet, eating only good food. i might try it! are you loosing a lot of weight too? not only do i want clear skin, i would like to loose a few pounds too >.< let me know! thanks ^.^ -leah
          3. youre so cute :3 it's really crazy how much you look like my boyfriend, at that age, in the first picture...wow!
          4. ^ seriously, ditto to all you just said ^ especially the one "-Sometimes when I watch movies, I get distracted from the main plot because I'm thinking about how clear all the character's skin is and wondering 'why not me? what do they do that I don't'."
          5. has anyone used mederma to treat their scarring or red marks? does it work? thanks^-^