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  2. So my skin almost started to clear up. Sadly i got a little carried away on easter with some unhealthy food and now my skin is starting to pay the price. I have been waking up with a few new pimples everyday even after washing my face and using moisturizer. What should i do???
  3. My acne has just about cleared up. It was on the verge of severe acne about 5 months ago. I am using clinique three step in moderation to prevent my skin from over drying. i also have been using a clinique mosturizer that has been working pretty well. I have been drinking green tea this entire time. I also have been eating alot of fish and walnuts because of the omega-3. I even have been taking zinc and garlic pills to keep my skin under control. The problem i still have is dark spots all over
  4. I used the product and all it really did was dry up my skin even after using the moisturizer. Maybe since your skin is oily it might work better on you.
  5. I was on pronexin's site and i read some of the reviews and i was wondering if this product really is the miracle acne cure? My acne is mild but i have been struggling with it for a few years now and I really want my face to clear up. Tell me if you have tried it on yourself and if it has worked well.